Rules to rent a car in Qatar

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Qatar is going to organise the Fifa world cup this year. It has become essential for fans and tourists to know the rules to rent a car in Qatar. Car rental is going to be a vital source of transportation during the Fifa world cup as well as to enhance the tourism sector in future. The Qatari government has made an amazing road infrastructure and has made the rules lenient so fans can rent a car without the hassle. There are a few points that are to be considered before you rent a car in Qatar.

Rules to rent a car in Qatar

Traffic rules that are to be Followed in Qatar if renting a car

  • One will have to stay on the right side of the road in the Situation specified by law
  • One will have to abide by the lanes on the main section of the road while driving
  • One cannot drive a vehicle in the wrong direction
  • Reversing the vehicle on the main road except in an emergency is not allowed
  • Also, one cannot reverse the vehicle at the intersection
  • The car cannot be parker on the expressway
  • Driving a car on the restricted road is an offence
  • The speed limit has to be followed as per mentioned
  • Driving a car too slow can also be the reason for challan in Qatar
  • Sudden improper brakes are not appreciated
  • All passengers will have to wear a seatbelt
  • Children younger than 12 years of age will have to sit in the rear seat only
  • Mobile phone users are not allowed while drive in Qatar
  • IDP (International Driving Permit) for visitors is recommended in Qatar
  • You should never drive while you are drunk in Qatar
  • No nuisance on the road while driving should be created

Points to consider before you rent a car in Qatar?

If you wish to self-drive a car during Qatar FIFA WorldCup, getting a car for rent is a good option. However, different countires obey different rules. Qatar has its own procedures and terminology for car rentals. Let us discuss.

Ful to Full Fuel Policy of car rental in Qatar

Full to Full fuel policy is usually the most popular among tourists around the world. When you get the car, the company will give you a full tank of diesel/petrol. When you will hand over the car back to the company, it should be exactly the same. No matter how many Kms you drive the car, no matter where you take the car, the fuel status should be full when you return it.

Collision damage waiver

Usually, when you rent a car in Qatar, a collision damage waiver is included. Say, if there is any damage to the car, then there will be a particular amount which will be mentioned in the terms and conditions of your rental company. Until that amount, you won’t be liable to pay anything, However, if it exceeds that threshold amount, then you will be liable to pay. For example, the collision damage waiver is up to 500 USD, in case of a collision if the damage charges are under 500 USD then you won have to pay anything. If it is more than that, then you will be liable to pay the remaining amount.

Theft protection when you rent a car in Qatar

Theft protection also works the same as collision damage waiver. In the case of Theft, if the current value of the car is less than the threshold amount given by your car provider, then you won’t be liable to pay anything otherwise you will have to pay the exceeding amount.

Unlimited mileagecar rental in Qatar

In simple terms, if your car rental company is not giving you any limitation of Kms you can drive the car, then it is an unlimited mileage policy used. Usually, Unlimited mileagecar rental is the most popular and should be opted for.

Airport Service Charge

See if the Airport service fee is included in the package if you are renting a car from Doha airport and going to drop it at the airport only. You should be aware that you are going to be charged a service fee. This fee is usually 15 USD per vehicle. Do check if it is included in the cost you are paying or not.

Supplementary Liability Insurance

Usually Collision damage waivers and Theft cover by suppliers are enough to give you full protection. For example, these 2 will only cover damage to the car or theft, that too the limited amount depending on the policy taken by the supplier. To give the option to the client to get more protection, suppliers offer Supplementary Liability Insurance(SLI). it increased the range of damage and theft cover, as well as included the 3-party insurance also. That means if you will have a collision with a 3rd party, the damage to that party will also be covered by your insurance.

Kindly check the terms and conditions before opting for Supplementary Liability Insurance as inclusions might differ depending on the country’s rules.

Things usually covered under Supplementary Liability Insurance

  • Deductible/excess charge for damage or theft
  • Repair costs, including windows, mirrors, wheels
  • Towing and taxi expenses
  • Lost keys or lockout fees
  • Administrative charges

Security deposit for Car rental in Qatar

Upon collection of the car, a security deposit will be blocked on the driver’s credit card. This deposit is determined by
the supplier considering your selected car category. Please be informed that the value of one tank of fuel and possible traffic
fines can be additionally blocked on your credit card. It is recommended to present a credit card with a chip, pin code and
embossed numbers.

Can you drive a rented car in Qatar?

You can drive a rented car in Qatar if –

  • if You are of 25 years or older
  • if You are younger than 80 years
  • If you have a valid international license
  • if you have all valid documents of car handed over by supplier including insurance
  • When picking up the car, all drivers need to present a valid driver’s license typically held for at least one year with no major endorsements

Additional driver

Additional Driver surcharges are usually not included in the rental price and are to be paid in the local currency at the rental
desk. However, there are special offers or promotions where the additional driver surcharge for a minimum of one driver is
included in the rental price. In this case, it is clearly stated under the listed price inclusions.

What documents are required to rent a car in Doha, Qatar

At the time of pick-up, the following physical documentation issued in the main driver ́s name must be presented at the rental desk.

  • Valid Passport/or ID card•
  • Valid Driving License•
  • Valid Credit Card in the same name as the driver’s license•
  • Credit card PIN CODE•
  • Hayya Card (In the case of Fifa fans)

Grace Period for car rental in Qatar

Suppliers offer a grace period of two hours between the booked pick-up time and the actual time the vehicle is picked up.
After this period has elapsed, a “no show” fee may apply. Keep in mind that the grace period is not applicable outside the
opening hours of the local station. If you are likely to be late, we advise that you contact the local car rental branch directly.
When returning your rental, suppliers typically offer a grace period of 29 minutes between the agreed drop-off time and the
actual time the vehicle is returned to the car rental branch. After this period has lapsed, an additional rental day may be

Which is the best platform to hire a car for rent in Qatar?

Qatar is a country where local car suppliers operate, however it is very important to go with a trustworthy source. If you are a foreigner, it is always better to deal with a reliable company. As per the experience of previous travellers in Qatar who rented a car, booking with Discovercars went reliable for people.

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