Should you rent a car in Seychelles?

Seychelles is an amazing little country that gives wonderful experiences to travellers. Visitors from around the world come here for vacations. It has a lot to offer that should never be ignored. The answer to the question if you should rent a car in Seychelles, is perfectly curated in this article that also tells you the story of Andrew and Rebecca who went to Seychelles from Ontario. Andrew and Rebecca came to Seychelles for the first time and they beautifully expressed if it is worth renting a car in Seychelles.

Should you rent a car in Seychelles

Well, to understand if you should rent a car in Seychelles or not, we are putting forward the experience of Andrew and Rebecca’s car rental Journey in Seychelles.

Andrew and Rebecca’s Tour Plan of Seychelles

They landed at Seychelles international airport on 26th Feb 2022 in the evening. They spent 5 nights in Treasure cove which is in Bel Ombre and 2 nights in Bliss Hotel Praslin. They already planned most of their travel arrangements before landing in Seychelles! like hotels, car rental, insurance and ferry transfers.

After landing they completed all their VOA formalities, got their bags and came outside. As they had already booked a car rental which was to be picked up from Airport, so they went to the counter.

Car rental point in Seychelles airport
Car rental counter at Seychelles airport

Things Andrew and Rebecca considered when they booked the car rental service for Seychelles Online

  • Andrew compared all car rental services in Seychelles on the basis of price, features, cover and the company’s local existence/hold. Andrew used this portal to book and compare car rental services in Seychelles.
  • He thoroughly understood the crash and theft cover before finalising the car rental company. The car rental company offered him 1000 Euros cover if in case of any crash or theft.
  • Andrew opted for additional insurance at the time of booking the car which gave him full protection as below. The additional insurance cost was around 7 Euros per day, but he found worth in that.
Should you rent a car in Mahe
Seychelles car rental insurance cover
  • Andrew was also concerned about the cancellation policy and he opted for the refundable option
  • He self-evaluated his trip requirement in Seychelles and decided to go for the “Same to Same” fuel policy instead of opting for “limited Kms”
  • He also checked if an international driving license is required to drive a car in Seychelles or not. Though it is not required to apply for an International driving license on the basis of his original license. Everything was done online without any hassle.
  • He was asked to pay 20% of the cost while making a booking and the rest at the time of car delivery
  • Andrew made sure to get more information about the payment policy and he figured out that –
    • He is required to carry the card in his own name
    • The refundable security deposit will be charged on his card at the time of delivery (though it varies, however, he was charged 400 Euros on his card for the refundable deposit).

Things Andrew and Rebecca checked while getting the delivery of car

  • After completing formalities they directly went to the car rental company counter and showed their voucher. The executive made them understand all the rules and regulations of driving in Seychelles. Also, an executive told them about the security deposit and inclusions of basic and advanced insurances he bought. After payment processing, Andrew and Rebecca were taken to the car.
  • Though a car rental company in Seychelles clicked photos and cars before handing them over to Andrew, he himself also made a full video and kept a record on his mobile also. (This is usually done to capture the current condition of the car and fuel situation before the car is given to you).
  • Andrew made sure to be clear about the drop policy. He understood where he is required to come to hand over the car and how much time before he should reach for the same.

Then they finally took the car and started their Car rental Journey in Seychelles

Couple’s Vacation & car rental experience in Seychelles

Day 1 – Andrew and Rebecca arrived at Seychelles airport, received their rental car and checked in at Hotel

After getting a hold of the rented car in Seychelles couple drove directly to the hotel for check-in. Fortunately, Andrew already made sure that Treasure cove hotel in Bel ombre is having a good parking space. It took them 45 minutes to cover the distance of 15 km from Seychelles airport to the hotel in their rented car. Because they were fully tired, they checked into the hotel, had food and then directly went to sleep.

Day 2 – They went to Asle major and the nearest market for dinner

Treasure cove Seychelles location
Treasure cove Seychelles location

In the morning they had an amazing breakfast in the hotel and decided to hang out at the nearest sea shore. As we can see, treasure cove is just located near the bel ombre Marina. Also, there are beautiful beaches around. They took their car and went to the Anse Major trail which was around 2 km from treasure cove. They spent hours at the amazing beach, took sunbaths and had their meal there only. To reach the beach one has to cover a trail that is astonishing in itself. They also had beer on the beach because the hotel is very nearby, and they could afford to have it.

After enjoying almost the whole day at Anse major, Andrew and Rebecca went to the nearest Bel ombre market. They explored the market, had dinner and came back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Day 3 – They visited an amazing Rockpool site and Art gallery

In the morning after having breakfast, the couple went to the rock pool site in Seychelles in their rental car. The rock pool/Ros Sodyer is completely in the opposite direction from the treasure cove hotel. Andrew enjoyed the joyful drive of 1:30 hours to rock pool sire in Mahe, Seychelles.

Rock Pool tour in Seychelles is a sweet little creation of god that exists on Mahe island of Seychelles. One is required to do a small hike to reach this amazing place. People after reaching here jump into this natural pool and enjoy it. It’s almost 20 mins from the capital city Victoria.

After diving in this natural pool, the couple decided to visit Michael Arnephie Art Gallery. Rebecca is a die-hard art lover. Parking was not a problem in either of these 2 places.

Day 4 – Andrew and Rebecca visited Spice garden and while returning to Port Glaud Waterfall

In the morning after breakfast, Andrew and Rebecca decided to make their way to a Spice garden in Seychelles. The garden is located on the hills looming the Anse Royale Beach, it is roughly 2 kms from the popular seaside destination. The 35-hectare plantation with local forestation is modelled after French Spice Garden designs of the 18th century for growing rare spice-producing plants in the tropical colonies. The couple had an interest in the garden, they spent around 3:30 hours inside the garden and then decided to visit Port Glaud Waterfall.

On the way back they visited this Beautiful water easily accessible by car. Small swimming area and plenty of rocks o jump off of. They spent around 2 hours there and started their journey to BEAU VALLON which is the biggest beach in Seychelles and is only 3 Kms from Treasure cove hotel. They spent the amazing evening on the beach and went back to the hotel to sleep.

They covered around 60kms this day, where they paid 15 SCR for parking.

Day 5 – Andrew wanted to do a Submarine ride at Eden Island, then they visit the Hindu temple and finally BEAU VALLON beach

In the morning, the couple was flexible and had no fixed plans. They were checking the options and Andrew saw that he can do a semi-submarine ride at Eden Gardens. Andrew got excited and thanks to the rented car they went for a submarine ride instantly. Eden island is around 10kms from treasure cove, they drove and reached around 11:30, and got their submarine ride booked. This 1-hour ride went amazing for the couple. After the ride, they explore the man-made ravishing Eden island.

After they explored Eden island, the couple decided to visit the clock tower which is the most famous point in Seychelles. Rebecca wanted to visit the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple. The couple drove to the temple in their rented car and felt positive & peaceful. After the temple visit couple went back to their favourite beach, BEAU VALLON before reaching the hotel.

Day 6 – It was time to return their beloved rented car because they are going to Praslin for 2 nights

Till now, Andrew and Rebecca had been in love with their rental car and they were not wanting to hand it over back. Yes, because the couple was going to stay on a different island they already had discussed with the rental car company that they will hand over the car on 27th Feb at Mahe harbour around 9 am in the morning. They checked out from the hotel and reached Mahe harbour on time for their jetty Praslin.

Things you should consider before giving the rental car back

  • In the case of the Fuel to Fuel policy, you should make sure that the petrol in the car is the same as it was when you got the car
  • You should also make sure that all the documents which were handed over to you, should be returned back as it is
  • You should check the car thoroughly, there should be nothing left in the car

Before Andrew handed over the car, he made sure that all the formalities of releasing the refundable security deposits should be released. Finally, they took their Jetty and went ahead to another island.

Here Andrew & Rebecca left their loved car and their car rental Journey in Seychelles ended 🙂

Should you rent a car in Seychelles? Let us see what Andrew and Rebecca think about it!

“I was also in this Dilemma “Should I rent a car in Seychelles or not” however I researched and decided to get it” Andrew Said. He also said, it would not have been so flexible and easy if I would have not rented the car in Seychelles. I am not sure if I paid more than a taxi or less, but I know that we explore the way we wanted to and there was no interference.

Andrew about car rental in Seychelles

I still remember how happy we were with our decision of renting a car in Seychelles. Everyday, we were getting to know benefits of our car that we rented. it let us decide what we want to do at the last moments and we never had to thought about anything else. We were worried about parking spaces in Seychelles, but trust me that was not an issue at all.

Rebecca about car rental in Seychelles

Important links they used to plan their tour

Andrew Booked a car rental service fromDiscover Cars

The hotel they stayed in MaheTreasure Cove Hotel

The hotel they Stayed in Praslin Bliss Hotel Praslin

The car used – I 20

The car rental company – Avis

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Should i rent a car in Seychelles

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