Points to consider before travelling to Qatar for Fifa World cup

This Fifa cup is going to be very important for Qatar as well as for the whole region. This is going to be a foundation of a new era where Europeans and Americans will mix and get familiar with the Arabian world. Also, Asians and Arbains have got the opportunity to show their love towards their favourite teams in the Fifa world cup. However, this world cup is also going to be quite strict in terms of rules and regulations. There are a few very important points to be considered before travelling to Qatar for the Fifa world cup. In this article, we are going to put some light on that.

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Points to consider before travelling to Qatar for the Fifa World cup

The points to consider before travelling to Qatar are mentioned below, kindly check and read thoroughly for a smooth visit of yours.

Scarcity of Accommodation/Hotels during Fifa world cup 2022

No Matter how much the Qatari government is keeping people calm by saying they have enough accommodation options, we all know it is going to be difficult to get good accommodation. Accommodation in Doha, near Metro station with all safety measures. So if you have already got the tickets, don’t wait at all. Go and apply for reservations official portal of the Qatari govt. One can also check for accommodation here.

Things to consider before Booking your Accommodation for the Qatar Fifa world cup

  • Fan Villages can also be a good option for accommodations during the Fifa world cup
  • If you are renting a flat or homestay, do check if nearby metro stations are accessible or not
  • A parking slot around your accommodation should help, most people opt for a self-drive car on rent during this type of event
  • Check if you are getting permission to have drinks if you are opting for an apartment
  • You need to verify your accommodation with your Hayya Card here

Hayya Card is the most important during Fifa world cup

Hayya’s Card should be treated as important as your passport. Treat it as your Visa to enter Qatar, treated it Hotel booking voucher which should be linked with your hotel booking, and treat it as the travel tickets of buses, Metro and tramps on your match day. In short, your second most important step after getting a match ticket is to apply for Hayya Card.

Even Airport transfers can cost too much during the Fifa world cup

Don’t leave anything for the last moment, even your move from Airport to Hotel can be too expensive. The cabs are expected to be totally non-available at that time. Either get it booked now or plan something else. As per discussion with the group of people (sample size 89) who are planning their visit to Qatar for the Fifa world cup, 53% of them are going to rent a car and keep it till their visit ends in Qatar.

Drinks are allowed, but not in Public during the Fifa world cup

This is the question everyone has in mind. For many, Fifa without beer is like Manchester United F.C. without Ronaldo :). The world has seen the previous FIFA world cup where there was full freedom. This time they will have to be aware. Yes, Alcohol is allowed, however, you cannot have it in the stadium, you cannot have it on roads and even you cannot come outside in the public after having it.

There are bars in the hotels and restaurants where alcohol is served.

Getting a match ticket is not only the fight, flights are also hard to get

If you think, you have got the tickets and now your Journey to Qatar will be smooth, my friend there are still a few steps left. You will have to check the flight fares from your country to Qatar and return. Qatar Airways has tied up with different airline carriers around the world to make it more convenient for travellers. You can check the flight options for the Fifa world cup visit here.

Open Sex is not appreciated in Qatar during the Fifa world cup

As we have already discussed, you won’t have full freedom in Qatar during your stay at the FIFA world cup. Sex or any related activity in public including kissing is an offence in Qatar. Also, it should be noted, that your partner should be married to you, even if you are having sex in private. Although you should not be worried about it, as no one would come to the premises to check if you guys are married or not. It’s just a thing that is highlighted unnecessarily. We want to make it clear that there is a law that refrains people from having sex outside marriage.

Cabs for Tourism might be difficult to get during the Fifa world cup

Obviously, if you are visiting Qatar for Fifa, you are not going to sit idle. Most people will have tourism objects on their bucket list. At that moment cabs will not be available, all public buses will be targeting the routes from City to Stadiums, Taxi even if available will charge too high. One should create an itinerary and plan accordingly.

Again, a car for rent can be a good option to travel for tourism in Doha at that very moment. One can click the link to check availability and prices.

Better to keep Qatari Riyal before you arrive during the Fifa world cup

What currency should you carry in Qatar during the Fifa world cup? Usually, people say, USD is a global currency and that should be carried when travelling to a different country. This might be a good thing to do, however, because forex agencies will also be fully packed and you would not want to stand in queues to get the money exchanged in local currency. Our recommendation is to get Qatari Riyal before flying to QATAR. You can also keep forex cards, however that won’t work everywhere.

Think twice before choosing your dress while in Public during the Fifa world cup

Well, Qatar is an Islamic country. These countries follow very strict norms and those norms should be obeyed by visitors also. Your attire should be modest when in public. Females should shield their shoulders and avoid wearing short skirts. Both men and women are urged not to wear shorts or sleeveless tops when going to government buildings, health care facilities or malls. If you do not dress modestly, you may be asked to leave or denied entry to these locations.

Say no to drugs!

There is zero tolerance for drug-related offences. in Qatar The damages for the use of, trafficking, smuggling and custody of drugs (even residual amounts) are brutal. The penalty can contain prolonged custodial punishments, hefty fines and eviction from the country.

Some prescribed and over-the-counter medicines may be controlled substances in Qatar. If you need to bring in controlled/prescription medication into Qatar, ensure you carry your official doctor’s prescription, hospital note or a letter from your GP, detailing the drug, the quantity prescribed and dosage.

Above are a few things that one should consider before travelling to Qatar for the Fifa World cup

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