Fans are reselling Qatar Fifa match tickets ! heres why ?

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Fans are reselling Qatar Fifa match tickets and many of them are doing so with losses. Well, it’s because many people believe they were unaware they would have to pay a high price for lodging when they booked their tickets. Many claim that the cost of lodging prevents them from attending this FIFA World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been dogged by controversy since 2010 and these issues are still present.There are less than 55 days left until the start of this FIFA event, and Qatar is claiming to make it the most luxurious one. But in the race to make it luxurious, is it becoming unaffordable? We spoke with a variety of fans regarding this.

What fans are saying about reselling Qatar Fifa match tickets

Stanely a FIFA fan from Croatia somehow managed to get the tickets but now is looking for resale options. He approached us about it through internet. When we asked him why he wants to resell Qatar FIFA match tickets, he said-

Its been 4 months i have been trying to get affordable room options in Doha, however the it is getting expensive and now there is no hope to cheaper prices. As per Stanley, he will have to spend more than 3000$ if he will travel to Qatar for FIFA . And he cant afford it, that is why he is reselling the Qatar FIFA world cup tickets.

Another fan from India, Manoj, stated that “he was astonished when he approached a taxi driver in Qatar and was quoted $1,600 for airport pick-up and drop-off”. He then said, i can even buy a second hand car in India in this price.

Where can one resell Qatar FIFA world cup tickets

Fifa offers the option of reselling Qatar Fifa match tickets on its website, but it is currently closed. FIFA’s website states the following:

“The Official Ticket Resale Platform is currently closed. Members of the general public that purchased FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ tickets online in accordance with the Online Ticket Terms of Sale for General Public had the opportunity to submit those tickets for resale on the FIFA Official Ticket Resale Platform between 02 August and 16 August 2022. Additionally, members of the general public interested in purchasing tickets made available on the FIFA Official Ticket Resale Platform had access to the platform to see the tickets offered.

FIFA Ticketing will make another resale window available, closer to the tournament, during a period that will be informed here in due course.”

What Authorities are saying About, people reselling Qatar Fifa world cup tickets

There is no remark made on these particular occurrences; nevertheless, according to the authorities in Qatar, they are doing all feasible efforts to make this FIFA tournament more fun and accessible to fans. Because of this, they have constructed Fan Villages, Cruise Hotels, and authorized flats.

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