How one can host family and friends in Qatar for the World Cup?

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Qatar is set to play host to the FIFA World Cup in the months of November through December of 2022. During this time span, there will be more than 2.5 billion spectators witnessing it. Because all the stadiums are located in the tiny city of DOHA, the city will have to deal with the pressure of tourists. As per estimation, the number of rooms does not equal the required number. Either the rooms are getting too expensive or they are not available on my preferred dates. However, there will be a few fans who have relatives living in Qatar. Initially, there was no provision for the fans to enter Qatar without first registering their accommodation details. There was a need to book accommodation on the official website portal of Qatar. Fans, planning to visit their friends or family in Qatar, were clueless. But now Qatar has cleared the confusion , and has allowed local residents to let their friends and family stay with them during FIFA. Locals have again got the opportunity to rent out their private spaces to fans in exchange for money. Let us discuss how one can host family and friends in Qatar for the World Cup.

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How one can host family and friends in Qatar for the World Cup?

The local residents of Qatar will have to submit details of their property and guests on portal.

You are required to register your property if you want to have visitors stay with you during the tournament. These visitors might include members of your family as well as close friends. This is required in order to confirm the Hayya Card applications submitted by your visitors, which will take place automatically when you finish the procedure.

Important points to register property to host friends and family during FIFA world cup

  • The property Owner must be minimum 18 years old
  • The host can add only 5 Properties at most
  • There is a limit of 10 guests per property.
  • Host QID Number is needed
  • The QID code will be verified by OTP
  • Property deed is required to be uploaded

How the host can register property for Hayya Card Validation of Family and Friends

Host can register property for Hayya Card Validation of Family and Friends as below

  1. Visit this link and hover on accommodation tab which placed at top right of the page, select “Host family and Friends Tab”

    On the website for the Qatar Hayya Card, one is able to register the property. On the homepage, there is a tab labelled “Accommodation” that may be found at the very top of the website. When you move your mouse over the button, a menu will appear from which you must pick “Host relatives and friends.”The new registration page will open.

  2. Tick checkbox in front of Legal Liability Disclaimer to agree

    Read the legal liability disclaimer before adding any property. If Agreed tick the checkbox to continue further.

  3. Enter host QID number and Date of birth

    The next step is to validate the host with the help of QID number. In this step you will have to enter your QID number and date of birth. You will get OTP to validate QID number. Once it is validated, you will get access to next step.

  4. Fill property details

    In this step fill property details to get the same registered, They will ask-
    1) Property Name
    2) Zone
    3) Street
    4) Building
    5) Unit

  5. Select the ownership status and Upload property Deed

    In the next step, select if you own the property or it is rented. If you own the property you will have to upload the property deed, if the property is on rent you will have to upload the rent or lease agreement.Once it is uploaded validate the details and wait for the approval.

The applications for Hayya Cards submitted by your visitors will be verified after the steps outlined above have been completed and permission has been granted.