Is it safe to travel to Latvia during the Russia-Ukraine war?

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Is it safe to travel to Latvia during the Russia-Ukraine war? Latvia is a European country that shares its borders with Russia. Although Latvia is not a bordering country with Ukraine, it is still questionable if it is safe to travel to Latvia during the Russia Ukraine war.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were in the Russian Empire since the end of the 18th century, however, after the Russian Revolution of 1917, they evolved into separate states.

Usually, around 30% of Latvians consider Russian as their mother tongue and are also comfortable speaking in English.

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Is it safe to travel to Latvia during the Russia-Ukraine war?

As Per the advisories by the USA and Canadian embassy, one should not travel to any bordering country of Russia or Ukraine. When we are writing this article it has already been a month since Russia started invading Ukraine. As per the reports, Russia never expected Ukraine to give them this much of a hard time.

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This lighting Spirit of Ukraine and the helping hands of Europe and American states are keeping the possibilities of world war open. Russia is not in a mood to back off and we can already see that it has already invaded half of Ukraine.

If there is no nearby closure to this conflict, this may include other European neighbouring countires also in the war. Latvia is also the nearby country where things are looking but might go wrong due to various factors. Let’s discuss some of those –

The Russia-Ukraine war can put an affect Travel

Russia Ukraine war has already affected the travel environment harshly. After the closure of 2 years due to the pandemic, it is another setback for Airlines and the travel industry. After the Invasion started, people are refraining to travel to various European countries. There are possibilities of –

  • World War
  • Nuclear War
  • Missile attacks

Air Space can also be blocked

There is a possibility that the air space of various neighbouring countries to Ukraine- and Russia can get blocked. As the war is at its peak, there is every type of weapon is being used. No doubt there might be a possibility of Air travel closure for the near buy bordering countires like Latvia.

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Internal civil Protests

There are many Russians that are living in and outside Russia, and many of these people are strongly opposing war. Though the Russian govt and military are able to keep the voices silent, however, there might be an explosion soon. People who stay in Russia have their relatives in Ukraine and vice versa, even the people who stay in Latvia or other neighbouring countries have their relatives in Russia and Ukraine. The cultural similarity between both the countries is making the civilians oppose the war. Once this voice of people becomes loud, there will be a possibility of Civil protests.

Economic Blunder

As we already know, almost every country around the world has put sanctions on Russia. Even Russia is out of Swift’s payment environment. These economical sanctions will not only affect Russia but also the neighbouring countries that are dependent on Russia’s economical welfare.

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In the recent past, we have seen that war triggers inflation in the region. This inflation will not only affect Russia or Ukraine but also the nearby countires of these war states. Latvia Imports many products from Russia and due to this war connectivity and economic stability are adversely affected.

Should one travel by Public transport or Rent a car in Latvia

If travel to Latvia is really unavoidable, it is always recommended to rent a car and self-drive. The motive is not to get dependent on any else even when the situations get worse. Though Public transport in Latvia is not an issue, however having a car on its own might always give flexibility. One can get good car rental options in Latvia here.

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