Is it safe to travel to Belarus during the Ukraine/Russia war?

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Is it safe to travel to Belarus during the Ukraine/Russia war? In these unprecedented times of war between Ukraine and Russia, it is unduly vital to travel safely if anyone is rigorously endeavouring to run the nearby border nations of Ukraine. Few Borderland countries of Ukraine are –

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  1. Poland
  2. Moldova
  3. Romania
  4. Belarus

There are people who desire to understand if it Is safe to travel to Belarus during the Ukraine/Russia war? there is no concise retort to it and this is why it is further significant to understand better the battle and its effects. Let us position some better sunup on it –

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Is it safe to travel to Belarus during the Ukraine/Russia war?

Let us discuss Belarus/Ukraine borders first –

Technically, voyaging Belarus should be secure as conflict is between Ukraine and Russia. Also, as Russia has invaded war on Ukraine, and Russia and Belarus are allies, there should be no big threat to Belarus and its borders. Belarus and Ukraine share a border of more than 1000 km.

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Belarusian/Ukranian relationship

Talking about the relationship between Belarus and Ukraine post-1991, things were going good with many bilateral agreements for the betterment and trade. There are not many cultural differences between both countires. However, Belarus was always aligned towards Russia and is said to be on Russia’s side. Belarus has not entered NATO because it is a component of the Collective Security Treaty Organization beneath Russia, and the Security Treaties with NATO restrain the conversation of classified details concerning the stakes of sovereign states.

Should one travel to Belarus during the Russian/Ukrainian war?

Before holding a flight to Belarus one should be conscious of the Air space track, the airlines are going to choose. The Russian/Ukrainian conflict is maturing and it is not certain, to what extent it will reach. Though airlines choose the air spaces as per the advisory of administration, regardless, one should be mindful of it. It is advisable to ignore Belarusian airports touching the boundary of Ukraine.

How Russia/Ukraine war can shut down travel around the world ?

Most of the force-carrying governments around the globe are favouring Ukraine. But Russia as one of the greatest superpowers is not willing to discontinue the war. As of now, Russian battalions have taken over many important cities of Ukraine. If the war will resume like this, there increases the probability that other nuclear power nations can join the war with Ukraine. This can lead to another world war.

Can there be Nuclear war between the two and can that affect Air travel?

If the war persists like this, there is definitely the possibility of nuclear war. Ukraine years back gave all its nuclear weapons to Russia as per the treaty. However, it is still looking for it from other allied countries. Russia has clearly cleared that if required it can use nuclear weapons.

How Nuclear war can affect the Air travel

If in case, there will be a nuclear attack from any country, that would not end up as it ended in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If there will be a nuclear attack, there will definitely be swift action. This might put the whole world at risk and air travel will be the most affected and restricted.

Should one self drive a car in Belarus?

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Does that mean, one should not at all travel to Belarus while the war between Russia/ Ukraine?

The above article has put further the consequences of the war on air travel. However, these are the worst-case scenarios that should never become reality. One should check the advisory issued by your govt to check if it is safe to travel to Belarus or not? Our recommendation would be to plan your travel wisely and always analyse the current situation.

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