Countries supporting Russia in war?

Countries supporting Russia in war? The past few years did not go good for the world and things are still not good. In 2020, Covid 19 made our life miserable and now the war between Russia and Ukraine. Both the countries were once allies and shared a strong relationship with each other.

In the world of diplomacy, things never remain the same. Former friends are now fighting a war that might end up invading another world war or nuclear attack.

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Reason for War between Russia and Ukraine?

In Simple words, Russia could see Ukraine favouring Europe. Also, the UK and other NATO countries were trying to attract Ukraine towards their benefit. Russia sensed insecurity for the nation and that initially triggered the bullet of differences between the two.

As per the other stories, Russia was becoming too strong in the energy sector in the region. Uk and USA played a bet and shattered the economy of Russia by not even coming into the picture.

These are the assumptions that are given by different experts on different countries’ media houses, however, be it any reason there should be no war.

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Current Scenario of war between Russia and Ukraine ?

As of 3rd March 2022, Russian armed forces have captured/destroyed a few important cities of Ukraine. Many miles-long convoys of the Russian army have entered Ukraine. Ukrainian civilians have joined their hands with the Ukrainian army and are expected to give tough fights to Russians.

Ukraine is being supported by almost 70% of the countries in the world officially whereas many others have no official statement on their stand. Europe and USA are standing with Ukraine and is giving financial support, however, no shoes from any country have landed in Ukraine.

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Which countries are supporting Russia in war with Ukraine?

  • Cuba is officially supporting Russia
  • China is supporting Russia
  • Armenia, a country that suffered war in 2020 is also supporting Russia
  • Kazakhstan is supporting Russia
  • Kyrgyzstan is supporting Russia
  • Tajikistan is supporting Russia
  • Belarus is officially Supporting Russia
  • Pakistan, though not offically but would support Russia
  • India is trying to be neutral and is not clearing stand
  • UAE, though close to USA, However has not voted against Russia

Countries that are imposing sanctions against Russia ?

  • The USA, Europe especially the United Kingdom and Canada banned certain Russian banks from SWIFT, it is the high-security grid that enables payments among 11,000 monetary establishments in 200 countries.
  • Germany suspended certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline after the invasion
  • France said it willrestrict the deal of “golden passports,” which permit moneyed Russians to acquire citizenship in another country in exchange for an asset.
  • Switzerland said it’s freezing the assets of certain individuals “with immediate effect.”
  • Japan will limit transactions with Russia’s central bank and it would impose sanctions on Belarus.
  • Australia will begin imposing further sanctions on oligarchs, whose economic weight is of strategic significance to Moscow and over 300 members of the Russian Duma.
  • New Zealand said that it would cut trade with Russia and impose travel bans against Russian officials as it continued to call for a return to diplomatic dialogue to resolve the crisis
  • Taiwan announced Friday that it would join the economic sanctions against Russia, without specifying which measures were being considered.
Is India Supporting Russia?

India is having very close relations ship with Russia for decades. There were times when India was benefited and supported by Russia when required. Also, India is presently close to the USA. The best stand for India would be to opt for a neutral approach and they are doing the same. India is not supporting nor opposing Russia officially.
However, America is trying to push India to come up against Russia.

Is China supporting Russia?

yes, China is supporting Russia. China, Russia and Pakistan are getting involved in trade which is one of the main reasons the two would not want to ruin the relationship with Russia. Also, the China-Taiwan issue is active for which China would need support from Russia.
Taiwan is being Supported by USA and China would want some allies on its side if in case it invades war against Taiwan.

Is Armenia supporting Russia?

Yes, Armenia is Supporting Russia. These two hold a strong strategical relationship with each other. In 2020, Armenia went into the war with Azerbaijan in which Russia helped Armenia. Though officially Armenia lost the war, however, it would always remain with Russia for obvious reasons.

Is Ukraine a nuclear power?

Ukraine was a nuclear power but it handed over all its nuclear weapons to Russia years ago. At the moment Ukraine is not having any nuclear weapons.

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