Is it safe to travel to Poland during the Russian/Ukraine war?

Is it safe to travel to Poland during the Russian/Ukraine war? In this unprecedented time, it is very important to travel safely if anyone is even trying to fly nearby border countries of Ukraine. Few Border countries of Ukraine are –

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  • Poland
  • Moldova
  • Romania
  • Belarus

There are people who want to know if it is safe to enter Poland during the war! There is no exact answer to it so it is more important to understand more about the war and its consequences. Let us discuss it more.

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Is it safe to travel to Poland during the Russian/Ukraine war?

Let us Understand Polish/Ukrainian borders

Logically, travelling to Poland should be safe except from the Ukrainian border even in this war situation. The Poland–Ukraine was border first created, briefly, in the aftermath of the Polish–Ukrainian War in 1919. The Treaty of Warsaw of 1920 split the disavowed territories in Poland’s vogue along the Zbruch River. Then, regardless, Ukraine failed its independence to the Soviet Union, and its remaining regions were divided between Poland and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in the Peace of Riga.

Poland/Ukranian relationship

The Republic of Poland has become Ukraine’s most important economic partner in Central Europe. Ukraine is the second-largest country to which Polish exports went. As of 2008, the joint Ukrainian-Polish cooperation program in the field of science and technology included more than 150 joint research projects.

Should on fly to Poland from any part of the world during the Russian/Ukrainian war?

Before taking a flight to Poland one should be aware of the Air space route airlines is going to choose. The Russian/Ukrainian war is becoming unpredictable and no one knows the level it will reach to. Though airlines choose the air spaces as per the advisory of authorities, however, one should be aware of it. One should also avoid the Polish airports near the border of Ukraine.

How Russia/Ukraine war can shut down travel around the world ?

Most of the power holding countries around the world are standing in the Favour of Ukraine. But Russia as one of the biggest superpowers is not looking to back off at any cost As of now, Russian troops have taken over a few important cities of Ukraine. If the war will continue like this, there might be a possibility that other superpowers might Join the war which will create another world war.

If in case it happens, world air travel will drastically be affected.

Can there be Nuclear war between the two and can that affect Air travel?

If the war persists like this, there is definitely the possibility of nuclear war. Ukraine years back gave all its nuclear weapons to Russia as per the treaty. However, it is still looking for it from other allied countries. Russia has clearly cleared that if required it can use nuclear weapons.

How Nuclear war can affect the Air travel

If in case, there will be a nuclear attack from any country, that would not end up as it ended in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If there will be a nuclear attack, there will definitely be swift action. This might put the whole world at risk and air travel will be the most affected and restricted.

Should one use Public or Private transfers in Poland?

One should always opt for Self-driven cars at this point in time. It gives more flexibility in case of emergency. The best self-driven cars can be hired from discover cars. They offer cars with flexible policies and are trustworthy.

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Does that mean, one should not at all travel to Poland while the war between Russia/ Ukraine?

The above article has put further the consequences of the war on air travel. However, these are the worst-case scenarios that should never become reality. One should check the advisory issued by your govt to check if it is safe to travel to Poland or not? Our recommendation would be to plan your travel wisely and always analyse the current situation.

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