2 Nights or 10 Nights Quarantine in Qatar ? The confusion created by Discover Qatar Holidays Customer executives !

2 Nights or 10 Nights Quarantine? The confusion was created by Discover Qatar Customer executives! – After the announcement of the new Quarantine rule on 30th July 2021 there was confusion about the quarantine period.

People who had already invested almost 3000-4000 USD are now forced to do non-refundable cancellations of tickets and hotels. People are feeling helpless as they are not getting any support from Embassies, Airlines and Hotels.

As per the new rule –

1.Residents and Visitors – should hold a hotel quarantine booking. The antibody test will be done at the hotel and if positive they will be exempted on the 1st day. PCR protocol for the Red list countries to be followed i.e. it should be done within 36 hours.

2.If travelling from one of the 6 East Asian Countries then the antibody test will not apply and travellers will need to hotel quarantine for 10 days.

Six East Asian countries as per Qatar (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka)

2 Nights or 10 Nights Quarantine in Qatar ? The confusion created by the Discover Qatar Holidays Customer executives!

People from India are calling +97444237937, the number of Discover Qatar holidays and all the executives are just giving the same reply – That Indians are required to get quarantined for 10 days, but if in 2 days they will get negative covid 19 results then they will be exempted from Quarantine and will be eligible for a refund 🙂

Is it true that Indians travelling to India will have to get Quarantined for 2 Nights ?

Well, at the moment we really would not be able to give you the exact answer on it but, as per our call with Discover Qatar Holidays executive, Indians are subject to 2 Nights quarantine if their RTPCR test result comes negative.

How will we get to know if it is a rumour or a truth ?

We suggest everyone, call on +97444237937 (Discover Qatar Holidays) and try to figure out if they are saying the truth or are they really not updated about it. We can let them know that their statement is completely different from what is written on the MOPH website.

However, we tried to tell them that on MOPH, something else is written still they were confident about it 🙂

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  1. sahil

    please upload video on youtube and give jus complete information about doha

  2. sachin

    Just spoke to Discover Qatar holidays and they confirmed that 10 day quarantine is a must.

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