India to USA via Mexico

Please be noted – As per Indian authorities, if your flight is under Air Bubble, then you should have a return ticket and you are expected to come back to India . We request you to please obey with all the guidelines issued by Indian govt and that should never be breached.

India to USA via Mexico – There are people who got stuck in India due to Covid 19 ban, USA has imposed on Indians . People stuck in India are forced to travel Via 3rd country indirect route which is mostly be Via Mexico only .Mexico is giving on arrival visa for Indians if one is having a valid VISA of USA .

India to USA via Mexico

People are eagerly looking for 3rd Country travel to USA via Mexico but unfortunately there are very less experts working on these routes and these routes should not self booked with out any industry specialists assistance .

Visa Requirements of Mexico for Layover While travelling to USA

Mexico is now giving an on Arrival visa to Indians who already have Valid US visa . One should have all the documents ready including an RTPCR test result which should obviously be -1 .

It is always recommended to check latest visa policies and match it with your case

Lay Over Stay Required in Mexico

One can do more than 1 nights layover in Mexico if having Valid visa of US or Canada . The main motive of 3rd country travel is to get your RTPCR testing done and then travel to US so it is fully confirmed that you have not got Covid 19 in your journey .

How RTPCR test can be done in Mexico while layover

There are RTPCR test facilities at Mexican City Airport, one can also get that done in the city as well as there are some facilities that visits your hotel to get it done.

India To USA via Mexico Inclusions


Not all flights should/can be booked to Mexico from India when your final destination is USA , it is always better to get an expert advice to ignore getting into any problems in journey.


It is always recommended to get hotels near by the Mexico city airport as there is no point getting into the rush when you are in layover .Secondly you should always keep yourself safe.


You should always prebook the transfers before reaching Mexico so you will not have to get into negotiations at last moment.


Though everyone wants to have 2 pc baggage in the journey but is it possible when you are travelling via 3rd country , well not always . Contact us to see if you can get the same deals .


You should have valid insurance before reaching Mexico other wise there will be an issues while getting an entry

India to Canada Via Mexico Cancellations policy

At this time no one i repeat no one is giving refundable options for tickets and that is why it is very important to make your mind before paying for this .

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