India to USA via Maldives

Please be noted – As per Indian authorities, if your flight is under Air Bubble, then you should have a return ticket and you are expected to come back to India. We request you to please obey all the guidelines issued by the Indian govt and that should never be breached.

India to the USA via the Maldives – After the Ban on direct flights from India to the USA many valid US visa holders got stuck in India and they are not being able to travel to the USA. Its been so many months the USA has not opened its borders for Indians and these travellers are forced to travel via 3rd country indirect routes like Mexico, Serbia etc.

India to USA via Maldives

With the uplifting of Ban on the travel of Indian citizens in Male, the Maldivian govt has opened another route for travellers who wants to reach the USA.

Is Visa required to enter Male ?

Yes, Visa is required to enter Male but that would be on Arrival and without any cost.

Is it safe to stay in Maldives city ?

In the last month, there are many people travelled through the Maldives to Canada and they stayed in the city, however, the local public is not happy with south Asian people coming to their respective land.

There are many Indians who were found positive In Maldives hotels and these resorts were shut due to the reason.

It should be safe, but one should be ready to be extra careful 🙂

Can one easily get Hotels in Maldives city ?

No, it is not that easy – there are many resorts that are not accepting quarantine packages and those who are accepting are quite full, one can start researching on it and try to get the valid authentic option.

What are the documents required to travel from India to USA via Male ?

One should be having these documents to travel from India to the USA via Male –

  • Valid Passport with 6 months Validity
  • Valid Travel ticket from India to Male
  • Valid Travel ticket from Male to USA
  • Valid Travel ticket from Male to India ( Requirement to fly from India to Maldives)
  • Valid Visa of USA
  • Insurance (Recommended)
  • QR code of IMOUGA form which is to be filled

How many nights layover is required in Maldives to travel to USA ?

If you are coming from India, a minimum of 14 nights quarantine is required in the Maldives to travel to the USA

Are there good flight connections from India to Male ?

Although July is very uncertain yes there are good flight connections from India to the Maldives as there are many carriers that operate in this sector like Go first and Indigo.

Are there good flight connections from Male to USA ?

One can face issues in finding good flight connections from the Maldives to the USA but it can be found

Isn’t Male too Expensive to stay for 14 nights ?

Maldives resorts are quite expensive but few of these resorts are giving 15 nights quarantine packages which will still be expensive not as expensive as normal prices.

What rating should be given to this route on the basis of Safety, Cost and Comfort ?

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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