Layover in Mexico

Layover in Mexico – Due to Covid 19 many countries around the world got severely hit, like India, Indonesia, Brazil, US, Italy etc. These countries not only lost their people but their people also came into the red list to travel to any country which is still safe from Covid impact. People from these impacted countries are now forced to do a layover in the 3rd country to enter a country that has restricted their direct entry.

example – People from India are travelling to Canada via Mexico, they stay in Mexico for 2-3 nights and then enter Canada from there. This whole process is called 3rd Country indirect route travel 🙂

Layover Packages at Mexico city

Many people around the world are looking for layover packages in Mexico but unfortunately, there is very little information about it for them. We have tried to provide some information about layover packages in Mexico so people can get benefitted.

Points to be Considered for your Layover package at Mexico City

Are you allowed an entry in Mexico as per your nationality ?

Not everyone is allowed to have a connecting flight/layover in Mexico, there are many nationalities around the world who needs a Transit visa to do a layover in Mexico, it is always better to check about your visa status.

Can i choose any flight to enter Mexico to have a layover for my next destination ?

No, not every flight will allow you to have a layover in Mexico for every next destination. This decision should only be made after expert advice, we are always ready to help.

Inclusions that should be in layover packages at Mexico ?

  • Hotel Stay that should be booked in Advance
  • Airport Hotel transfers
  • RTPCR test
  • Return airport transfers
  • Health Insurance in Mexico

Who Can arrange Mexico Layover packages for me ?

It is always better to get layover packages booked via an experienced source. We have already helped thousands of people to successful layover packages.

How much it should cost to have layover package at Mexico ?

It depends on the duration of your but say if you are staying for 2 nights with transfers, Hotel and TRPCR test included then it will cost you around 188 USD per night.

I am actually still confused about my Visa & stay requirements to do layover in Mexico , who can give me confirmation on my questions ?

Our experts though are quite experienced and may give answers to all your questions but with the changing policies, we may also need to get it confirmed by officials. You can always ping us on Whatsapp to get your answers.

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  1. S Banerjee

    Need to travel to Dallas ( USA) holding B1/B2 visa, can u pls assist me thru which third country should I travel? Qatar, Mexico or Serbia , I have to take a 15 days quarantine package I understand , My tentatice travel dt is end of AUG . Pls advise

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