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Find a partner to travel Via 3rd Country – We are trying to initiate help to more and more people who are stuck in this unprecedented travel ban situation. Once you will submit your details here, our team will look for the best match who can be your travel partner 🙂

In case you get your partner from our initiative we request you to please reverify the authenticity of the person and then go for the matchup, please note & is only trying to help people without any other intention and should not be held liable for any other person’s ill-intentional activities

We request you to please share this page and information with more and more people on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Whatsapp so more and more people can be benefited.

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  1. Gurjinder Singh

    Guys I booked my flights India to Albania
    Albania to Toronto
    But I have some doubts

    India to Albania with 2 layovers, 1st doha 8 hours 2nd Athens Greece 3.5 hours
    After staying in Albania for 2 nights my next journey will start

    Albania to Toronto with one layover in Warsaw, Poland 3hours then Toronto
    I’m worried that in my whole journey there is a 2 layovers in Schengen countries it is safe or not ,, I mean it is allowed to take two layovers in different Schengen countries ,but on the other hand, I have two separate tickets_ 1 India to Albania from qatar Airways 2. Albania to Toronto from lot polish airline, and in one ticket there is only one layover in Schengen country

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