Food you should try in Qatar during Fifa

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Around 1.5 million foreign visitors are expected to visit Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. If you are one of those, then you must think about what food you should try in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup. Most of you will be travelling to this tiny country for the first time, so why not get acquainted with the people, food, and culture? With the help of this, Qatar will showcase their society to the world.

Discovering the native cuisine of a nation is a wonderful way to improve both your comprehension and your enjoyment of that culture. Aside from discovering the local art scene, culture, adventure and sports activities, shopping, and visiting the various sites here, there are a few local specialties that you really have to try. So let us discuss what food you should try FIFA world cup.

Food you should try in Qatar during Fifa world cup


“Saloona is a broth made of beef and vegetables that has a touch of heat to it and may be consumed on its own or with rice.” The chicken is used in this rendition.

The traditional Arabian dish known as saloona or salona is a stew that is typically prepared in the house and eaten on a daily basis. There are several variations of this dish, the most typical of which is made with chicken (dejaj). However, you may also make it with vegetables, other kinds of meat (such beef or lamb), or fish as the primary component.

Even though it may be prepared in a variety of ways, saloona typically consists of a tomato-based broth that is heavily seasoned, onions, garlic, ginger, and other vegetables that have been sautéed, as well as the option of a primary component. It is claimed that this robust cuisine originated with the Bedouin people, and it is one that is often cooked during the month of Ramadan.


One of the most well-liked meals in Qatari cuisine is called luqaimat, and for good reason! It consists of lovely yeasted doughnuts that are fried to a crunchier consistency and a hue that is similar to golden brown.

During the holy month of Ramadan, these dessert dumplings are extremely popular since they are versatile enough to be eaten either as a snack or as a dessert.

This is a traditional Luqaimat dish, and it incorporates tastes that are typical of the Middle East. It calls for a little number of ingredients, but the end result will be one of the yummiest sweets you’ve ever had.


This meal is also known as machboos, which is a traditional dish from Qatar that is served across the Middle East. In most cases, poultry and meat, in addition to varieties made using seafood, are both used.

The basic idea is to prepare basmati rice with a variety of classic Middle Eastern spices, such as preserved limes, cardamom, cloves, and turmeric, by cooking the rice in a broth with onions and the spices.


A meal known as Arabic Hareesa or Arabic Chicken Harees, it is traditionally prepared during the holy month of Ramadan and is comprised of boiling barley, beef, or chicken. There is also the option of using a mixture of barley and wheat.

The Chicken Harees dish from Arabic cuisine is mostly composed of meat and has a significant quantity of calories. To reduce the amount of calories in it, you may prepare it using chicken instead.

It is said that barley is the king of all cereals. The use of Jau or Barely has numerous positive effects on one’s health. It is beneficial for your cardiovascular health, helps decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, and may help control diabetes.


It is common practise in the Qatar to have a meal called balaleet for breakfast. This dish is both sweet and savoury, and it may be consumed either warm or cold.

Kousa Mahshi

Some zucchini, known as kousa in Arabic, are more suitable for stuffing than others due to their ability to maintain their form while being cooked in tomato sauce. The ‘Magda’ type, which is characterised by its little size and pale green colour, is my personal favourite. In addition, I believe that the flavour is more pleasantly sweet than that of the bigger green zucchini.

After giving the zucchini a good cleaning and cutting off the tops, you will need to remove the seeds and pulp from the insides of the zucchini, leaving a lovely hollow aperture in which the filling may be placed. Although this is not a talent that can be mastered in a single session, with time you will get more proficient at it. This as per many, is the best food you should try in Qatar during Fifa world cup.


This meal, which may also be referred to as khuzi or ouzi, is created by roasting entire legs of lamb or sheep and is often served on kebab skewers with veggies and hazelnuts on top of rice.

As a result of the fact that it can stand alone as a whole dinner, it has quickly become one of the most popular meals in Dubai. Because it is also the national dish of the United Arab Emirates, a visit to the region that does not include ghuzi is an insufficient representation of the destination.


Served on top of pita bread or flatbread, thareed is a traditional cuisine from Qatar that consists of pieces of red meat, vegetables, and a thick sauce made from tomatoes and tomato paste. The name comes from the dish’s exact translation, which is “beef stewed with veggies and bread.” Therefore, it would not be difficult to discover a recipe for this dish that includes a variety of veggies, which is essentially the case in the kitchen of my mother-in-law. It looks as if her unspoken rule is that meat must always be prepared with veggies.

Thareed pairs well with any fresh veggies that you already have on hand, such as parsnips, carrots, okra, pumpkin, gourd, etc., as well as any Middle Eastern spice blend that you like cooking with. In my perspective, thareed is comparable to beef stew; however, it has a greater quantity of broth in order to make room for the pita or flat bread that is traditionally eaten alongside it. You may also hear this dish referred to as thareed laham.


The ingredients for margoog are often beef, veggies, and pasta cooked together in a stew. When combined, the flavours of the meat, veggies, pasta, and sauce create a dish that is very mouthwatering. The meat is cooked over a low fire for a long period of time so that it may fully absorb the tastes of the spices. Both the veggies and the pasta taste wonderful. The vegetables are quite tender. When you take a mouthful of meat, its texture is tender, juicy, and soft; as a result, the flesh almost dissolves in your mouth.


About 1.5 million foreign visitors are expected to visit Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. There are a few local specialties that you really have to try. Saloona or salona is a stew that is typically prepared in the house and eaten on a daily basis. One of the most well-liked meals in Qatari cuisine is called luqaimat, and for good reason! Barely is a traditional dish from Qatar that is served across the Middle East. So these were the food you should try in Qatar During Fifa world cup.

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