Qatar Network Operators ready with Sim Stock for Fifa

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Qatari network providers are already getting ready for the demands that the FIFA World Cup will put on them. More than 2.4 million FIFA tickets have reportedly been purchased, as stated by the relevant authorities. In anticipation of the arrival of 1.5 million tourists during the FIFA World Cup, Qatar is now undergoing preparations. It should come as no surprise that network operators will need to address the enormous demand for SIM cards.But Qatar Network Operators are ready with Sim Stock for Fifa.

Qatar Network Operators

Vodafone Qatar and Ooredoo are two of the most prominent network providers that will play a crucial role during the FIFA World Cup. At Hamad International Airport, both of the operators have a kiosk located in each of the arrival terminals.

The ehteraaz app, which is Qatar’s official contact tracing and health app, must be downloaded by anyone arriving in the country, as that is the policy of Qatar.It is necessary to register with a Qatari number in order to activate the application. As a result of this rule, it is now the obligation of these providers to ensure that they have sufficient sim cards in stock.

We had a conversation with Ahmad, an employee of Vodafone Qatar, and according to what he told us, the firm is still in the process of formulating strategies for the distribution of sim card.Also as per him the plan cost are still not finalised and will be communicated sooner.

We tried contacting Ooredoo about their preparations, however nothing was communicated from their side. Ooredoo is a renowned company in Qatar and is no doubt preparing for FIFA generated demand.

5G Network in Qatar during the Fifa World Cup

Qatar is having worlds best internet speed. The country has made its infrastructure accordingly. There will be no disappointment for fans in the aspects of Speed and connectivity.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Thani, CEO of Ooredoo Qatar, has stated that the company’s coverage in the market has reached “more than 90% of populous areas.”

Vodafone is also not behind and is providing a nationwide 5G network.

E-sim Option In Qatar

Vodafone is working on providing E sim option to fans based on their Hayya card details.However the exact strategy is not yet coming out but we can expect some thing in near future. There are other non Qatari e sim card option, however it is still not evident if those will help signing up Ehtraaz app or not.

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