Checklist to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup!

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If you have searched this Keyword “Checklist to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup” you have landed on the right page. So you have made up your mind to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup and you are looking for a complete set of rules to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup. We have prepared a checklist for FIFA fans as per the current scenario. (19 Sept 2022). However, Qatar is a country of uncertainties, there have been regular changes in the rules and criteria for Fifa arrivals in Qatar till now.


This gets confusing many times and leads to last-minute hiccups. You cannot afford to travel in Panic, especially to a country like Qatar. We have got you covered here. Lestacworld has introduced a service that is specifically established for Fifa world cup fans. We have introduced the subscription plan of 30 USD which will give you access to each and every minute update that can affect your Fifa world cup travel. You will also be notified by email or WhatsApp if subscribed.

Not only the access to the Fifa world cup new notifications, but we will also share the Fifa travel guide book of Qatar. In this book, you will have information about metro routes to stadiums, and different markets in Qatar on the basis of famous products, and famous food points of Qatar which should never be missed.

In this subscription, you will also be notified about your country’s return requirements, for example, Covid requirements or any other formality to enter the origin country.

In the subscription, we have also shared a discount voucher from Vodafone. After arriving at Qatar airport you will have a 10% extra discount on buying a sim card for your Fifa world cup visit.

We have named this Subscription “FIFAQA” – You get all timely notifications of updates, rule changes and regulations.

Inclusions of FIFAQA

  • All new updates on rules and regulations to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup
  • Booking Procedures
  • List of All forms that are required to enter Qatar for the Fifa world cup
  • Sample Guides to fill forms required to be filled during the FIFA world cup
  • Fifaqa booklet includes –
    • All Metro routes to and from Stadiums
    • Information about markets and their Specialities
    • Amous Food restaurant guide during Fifa world cup
    • A guide on How can you explore other cities in Qatar
    • A guide on Qatari culture and how to behave when in Qatar during Fifa
    • Information on rules to travel back to your origin country
  • 10% Vodafone sim discount coupon at Qatar airport
  • All Additional taxes and charges of FAFAQA subscription are included

Exclusions in Fifqa Subscription

  • We will share a list of forms and other requirements, however, as per rules the forms/ applications have to be filled on own.
  • No Physical product is included in the package
  • Refund is not allowed
  • No other language except English
  • The service will only be till 15th December
  • No Call Assistance
Sim card at Qatar for Fifa world Cup

Benefits of subscribing to the FIFAQA rules & checklist guidebook

  • No one would want to ruin the long-awaited FIFA journey, just by missing some important rules and requirements
  • If you want to be fully prepared for this trip, get the FIFAQA rules & checklist and be a Pro traveller
  • You are getting a 10% discount voucher on your Vodafone Sim card, which means you are already getting the subscription amount back in the form of a voucher.
  • Know where you will get the best food and yeah “Beers” too
  • If you just want to enjoy the game let us keep an eye on all requirements so we can notify you on time, even if it is about your return to your origin country.

Make Payment for FIFAQA one-time Subscription

Frequently asked questions about FIFAQA subscription

Is the FIFAQA checklist Subscription for the Qatar Fifa world cup, a One-time Subscription?

Yes, the Fifaqa for the Qatar Fifa world cup is a one-time Subscription only. You will have to pay 30$ to subscribe and all the further Fifa notifications will start coming in your mail.

When and how will I get my FAFAQA booklet?

You will get the FIFAQA rule booklet in your mail within 18 hours of your form filling after making payment. We modify the requirements as per the origin country of the Subscriber and try to make it more personalised depending on the location of the Subscriber.

What is the motive for FIFAQA Subscription?

Fans from around the world are travelling to Qatar for the FIFA world cup watching. Though Qatar authorities are making all efforts to keep it simple and smooth fans are not convinced. Also, Covid requirements might not fully vanish while fans will be travelling.
We have built a team of experienced executives who are 24X7 focusing on all the latest updates and new establishments from Qatarathourities.
We have also created a booklet that will act as your guide while in Qatar and you will travel like a pro.
This Subscription will reduce your chances of Messup while travelling to Qatar by 95%.

Can’t we get the same information from other sources for free?

There is a 99% chance that this information can be accessed for free by doing deep research. Even we encourage people to check everything before heading to any new place.
This 30$ subscription is for those who cannot put so much time into researching each and everything and are not able to do it on regular basis.
Our team has put more than 365 days and has experienced other similar events in Qatar, and this subscription is the result of their efforts.

What is a 10% discount on a Vodafone sim card?

When you will enter Doha, you will have to get a Sim card at Doha Airport. There will be 2 different counters for Sim Card. We have tied up with Vodafone Qatar to get you a 10% discount on your purchase. For example, if you are spending 100 $ on your sim card and plan then you will get an instant discount of 10 $ on the same.

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