Seats of Vietjet airlines aircraft
The leg room on Vietjet airlines is still bearable, but if you sit on the seats for very long, you could get the impression that you're being trapped.

Vietjet Airlines review

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If you are planning to travel somewhere in a Vietjet airlines and you wonder, what will be the quality of your Journey then you have landed on the right page. I am writing this article on the basis of my own experience flying from Mumbai to Ho chi Minh and to Bali, Indonesia (DPS). While doing this Vietjet Airlines review, i will share the information about –

  1. On Board Experience of Vietjet Airlines
  2. Seat Comfortability of Vietjet Airlines
  3. Food Options and Quality of Vietjet Airlines
  4. Airlines Crew of Vietjet Airlines
  5. Few important Suggestions and frequently asked questions about Vietjet airlines Journey

On Board Experience of Vietjet Airlines

My Boarding for our Vietjet flight was from Mumbai around 00:20 hours. We were able to reach airport approx 8:30 PM which is a recommended time. As soon as we entered the Airport Terminal 2, we started looking for the Vietjet counter. It is a fact that Mumbai international airport is flooded withe the counters of Indigo, Vistara, Air Asia, Air India etc (Obviously they have more flight schedules). It took us 10-15 minutes to finally figure out the counter of Vietjet.

To find your Airlines counter, it is suggested to check the screens which is places at the starting point of every counter row instead of roaming here and there for a search.

When a lot of people showed up, they ended up opening six counters for Vietjet Airlines. We were each allowed 20 kg of checked luggage, but the two of us had bags that weighed 15 kg and 17 kg. We had a small cabin bag that was only meant to be kept in the cabin. But since the bag was already lighter, we asked the executive to treat it as a checked bag as well. Then they asked the necessary documents and gave us the boarding pass. Do insist them to give you seats together. As per my experience they wont try to loot by giving you saperate seats and then ask for money to make to combine. Be on time at airport counter of Vietjet and request for seats together.

We then completed our immigration and then explored the duty free area. Around 11:45 pm we were asked to board the plane and 00:29 it took off.

Seat Comfortability of Vietjet Airlines

Well, we were in economy class, but the seats on the plane didn’t feel much different to us than the seats in business class. They have more leg room (especially in the first six seats) and better service. Otherwise, the seats were just average. Economy class ticket holders have less leg room. The seats are made so that you can sit comfortably, but it will be hard to get up and move around. Sleep is a problem. If you like to move around while you sleep, or if you like to sleep freely, get ready to get stuck. I would say that it is a problem for all LCC airlines, like Air Asia, Vietjet, and Malindo. There is a small button that lets you push the chair back, but it won’t make much of a difference.

If seat comfortability is the priority then you should seek for Singapore airlines or Malaysia airlines 1st class tickets. All other airlines in this sector are almost the same.

Food Options and Quality of Vietjet Airlines

Vietjet is one of the fastest growing airlines of Asia, and the reason is its adaptability as par the targeted markets nationality. If you are in an Vietjet aircraft which is on a route specifically tar-getting your nationality, there are 99% chances that you will get the food of your choice. For example, we travelled from Mumbai to Ho chi minh and then Ho hi Minh to Bali, DPS. In this flight we were offered the pure veg Indian meals that included Basmati rice and vegetable”s sabzi, which even some domestic Indian flights are not able to offer.

However, while returning back from DPS to Hanoi, we were in an aircraft that was not meant for Indian market. In that aircraft we were not offered any Indian meal. But in the flight from Hanoi to Mumbai, again we were offered the Indian Basmati rice and Vegetable curry, which was good to have.

The drinks you can buy includes, tea, coffe, Juices and Beer.

Food and Drinks offered in Vietjet AirlinesApprox Prices in USD
Beer in Vietjet airlines3$
Guava Juice in Vietjet Airlines2.50$
Coconut water 3$
Soft Drinks ( Coca Cola, Sprite, Coca Cola Zero etc)2.50$
Milk Coffea3$
Black coffea 2.50$
Water 2$
Indian Basmati rice and Vegetable curry with Soya Sauce & Cashew nuts8$ per sector
Cost of Food and Drinks offered in Vietjet Airlines

Airlines Crew of Vietjet Airlines

During our journey we realised that the crew members on the flight were all Vietnamese and were very polite and helpful. They were serving people with smile on the face during the whole flight. The dress for the boys in Vietnam is red T shirt and black trouser with brown belt. For girls it is mostly red top and brown check half pants. They were able to understand english very easily and were trying to speak in an Accent that could be easily understood by us.

However, as obvious the staff siting at the Airlines counter during Checkin process in all the airports were not as good as the crew members.

Few important Suggestions and frequently asked questions about Vietjet airlines Journey

Vietjet Airlines review

When planning to travel to Vietjet airlines, it is important to consider the quality of the journey. This article provides an overview of the experience of the author’s own experience flying from Mumbai to Ho chi Minh and Bali, Indonesia (DPS). The author’s boarding for their Vietjet flight was from Mumbai around 00:20 hours and they were able to reach the airport approx 8:30 PM. When they entered the Airport Terminal 2, they started looking for the Vietjet counter. To find the counter, they had to check the screens at the starting point of every counter row.

When people showed up, they opened six counters for Vietjet Airlines and allowed 20 kg of checked luggage. The author also asked the executive for the necessary documents and got them the boarding pass. They were also asked to ask for money to make to combine and be on time at the airport counter of Vietjet. After completing their immigration, they were asked to board the plane and take off at 11:45 pm.

Vietjet airlines are one of the fastest growing airlines in Asia, and they offer comparatively less leg room. , There is a covern with seat comfortability and you should seek for Singapore or Malaysia airlines if Budget is not the concern. The food options and quality of Vietjet Airlines are high, with 99% chances of getting the food of your choice on a route if the sector is specifically of your nationality. Vietjet airlines offer a variety of dishes, including Basmati rice and vegetable’s sabzi, in both domestic and foreign flights atleast for Indian sector flights . The crew members are polite and helpful, while the boys are wearing red T shirt and black trouser with brown belt. The prices of food and drinks offered in Vietjet Airlines vary greatly depending on the airline.

Are the seats Comfortable in Vietjet airlines for a long Journey ?

Vietjet is a Low cost airlines which provides budget friendly journeys. The seats in Vietjet airlines are the same you get in any domestic airlines.

Can we upgrade seats in Vietjet Airlines?

Vietjet planes typically don’t have a business class section. They have first-class seating areas called skyboss that are advertised. The chairs in the economy class are exactly the same. Paying thousands of dollars to upgrade your seat on a Vietjet flight is pointless. If the sky boss seat rows are available or not can be seen once you are on the route. You can call the crew and inquire about the upgrade fee if you have the opportunity to sit in a row where the other two seats are also available. Normally, they charge $19 per person, although there is room for bargaining.

Are the meals included for everyone during vietjet flights ?

Well, that depends on the class in which you purchased your tickets. If you purchase your tickets through Vietjet Airlines’ website, you must add the meals individually. If you purchase your tickets through another GDS portal, however, it depends on the class for which you are purchasing the tickets as to whether or not the meals will be included.

Can i easily get meals if i want to pay during my Vietjet airlines journey for the meals ?

Even if you are prepared to pay at the time, there is no guarantee that you will receive the meals if you have not pre-booked them.

How many cabin baggages i can keep with my during my journey in Vietjet airlines ?

You can keep a cabin Baggage weighing 7kg and a laptop bag with you. They do check the cabin baggage weight during checkin process as well as boarding process. Even during your layover, they can check the weight. However, they only pick and check, it is not for all.

If i am having a long layover in Vietnam, can i go outside the airport ?

You would have already given your checkin baggage to the airlines, which means when you will be at Vietnam airport for layover only. If your nationality give you a without visa entry in Vietnam then you can enter Vietnam during your long layovers.
For example, Indian nationalities need e-visa approval to enter Vietnam, the process takes 3-5 days. By having this e-visa the traveller can enter Vietnam during layover but only for once.

Can i have 2 layovers in Vietnam without having Vietnam visa ?

No, you cannot opt for 2 layovers in Vietnam, without having Visa. For example, if you have a flight from India to Hanoi, then Ho chi Minh and then to Bali, in this case it is required for you to have Vietnam visa.
In short for any domestic flight in Vietnam, you will have to change the terminal which would need visa.

Can i do web checkin in Vietjet airlines ?

If it is an international travel, you are not allowed to web checkin. The only option is to reach airport and checkin at the counter.

Is it required to carry hard copy of e-tickets and vaccination certificate while travelling in Vietjet airlines?

No, you can eep your e tickets and vaccination certificate in the phone and show at the counter. Only the original passport is physically required.

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