Why tourists should refrain using Bikes in Bali

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Why tourists should refrain using Bikes in Bali – Since two decades ago, Bali has been the safest travel destination, thanks to the government’ and inhabitants’ behavior as well as the absence of crime. Even after there is a law that tourists need International driving license in Bali to drive, authorities have kept it so free that tourists never had to face any issues. However, a new problem in Bali surfaced in 2023. Many war immigrants have arrived in the land of God “Bali” since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. The local balinese people welcomed the immigrants with folded hands. However, now Balinese local are not happy with Russians and Ukranians dominance and behavior. “But why we are saying that tourists should refrain usking Bikes in Bali ?”. Well, this is the consequence of the matter we mentioned above. Let us discuss more about it.

Differences between local Balinese tourists and Russian/Ukranian citizens

According to the native Balinese, this time’s immigrants from Russia and Ukraine are arriving to Bali for different reasons. They have valid visa extensions for their extended stays, which is still acceptable, but they have started doing sporadic jobs like tour guides ,as hotel informal helper, water sports instructors etc. As per locals, This is unacceptable because on these opportunities only local people have right. Also, Russian culture is totally different compared with Balinese Hindu culture. Russian and Ukrainian men and women are not respectful of the local culture because they frequently wear bikinis in public areas near places of worship.

As per the reports, in Jan 2023 more than 23000 Russians and 7000 Ukranians arrived in Bali. After which nearly all incidents of violence and accidents are linked with these nationalities. Many immigrants are even staying in Bali without visa extensions. Not only this, there are heated incidents between these immigrants and local balinese people, these incidents were recorded and uploaded on youtube. After seeing these videos, Local people have now started getting together and raising their voice.

Also, there were incidences where people from these nationalities were found disrespecting the holy temples and beliefs in Bali. In one incident, one couple did a nude photoshoot in the Holy place after which the couple was deported back.

Consequences of differences between Russian/ Ukranian tourists and local People in Bali

Locals are demanding to Stop Visa on Arrival for Russians/Ukranians

Because of Above issues, locals in Bali has started raising their voice against the Visa on Arrivals for these nationalities.Local Balinese people are demanding that Visa on arrival for these countries should be stopped and proper eye should be kept on these tourists.

Locals are demanding to stop letting tourists drive Bike

Because of recent accidents on road, locals are blaming tourists, that they are not obeying the traffic rules. They are also demanding that government should not let tourists to bike ride in Bali.

Why tourists should refrain using Bikes in Bali

The Indonesian government must impose limits even though it is exceedingly difficult to ban tourists from riding bikes. It has been noticed lately that Balinese police are being more strict with tourists riding bikes. Tourists are being stopped and given stiff fines for small infractions.

If you are hiring a bike for a long trip, think seriously about it. Until the tensions between Russian tourists and Local Balinese people are alive, you should look for other options of transportation.

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