Can I travel with an ECR Passport to Doha, Qatar

Can I travel with an ECR passport to Doha, Qatar – Well, during the Pandemic times, people in India were stranded and wanted to get back to their work or universities. These people took various 3rd country indirect routes, however, there is no end in the count of these stranded people and many of them still want to travel. Also read – Points to consider before travelling to Qatar for Fifa World cup

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What are some of the 3rd country’s indirect routes used by Indians to reach their destination?

  • Maldives
  • Qatar
  • Albania
  • Serbia
  • Mexico
  • Ukraine

And many more 🙂

What is an ECR Passport?

In India, there are people with qualifications lesser than the 10th standard, in the past when this category of people went to gulf countries they were exploited. They were scammed by agencies or frauds in the name of jobs. To prevent these people from being exploited, the Indian government created a government body that makes sure that these people will go through an extra check while departing from Airport to any ECR category country.

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How can I check if my Passport is ECR or Non-ECR?

On the last page of your passport where the father’s name and address are written, if on top “Emigration check required is mentioned” then it is an ECR passport and if it is Blank then it is a Non-ECR passport 🙂

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How can I identify ECR and non-ECR passports?

My Qualification is more than 10th but the Immigration check required is written on my passport?

Sometimes, while applying for passports, people forget to submit qualification proofs, which is why they usually get ECR written passports.

Can I travel with an ECR Passport to Doha, Qatar?

Well if you are travelling for a work permit, then you would need additional approval from Embassy to travel to Qatar with an ECR passport.

However, if you are travelling for tourism and seeking an arrival Visa then the case should be different. Nowadays most people are using Doha as a layover country to reach out to their final destination which means they will be entering Doha with An arrival Visa and many people have already travelled and reached. However, around 29th July we are hearing some news that people were stopped to board from India to Doha because of ECR passports, even if they are seeking an arrival Visa.

How do we try to get some more info on this issue?

After we heard about it, we started our investigation –

We Called Indian Embassy in Qatar and tried to get their take on it

As per them yes, Indians cannot travel to Doha with ECR passports and they will not be allowed an arrival Visa 🙁

We got the number of Immigration officers in Mumbai

As per him, there should be no problem for ECR passport holders to travel via Doha on “On Arrival Visa” but still, he denied giving confirmation on this.

However, he also denied giving written confirmation on the same.

We called Airlines

Their customer care was not even aware of the term ‘ECR” however they checked with their supervisor and he was also not clear about it. But they stated that you would need additional approval from Embassy.


Though Chances are more that you will not be able to fly from India, however, we still would suggest you do your own research and try to find out the confirmed answer for it.

As of 29th July 2021, we haven’t got any confirmation on the same

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