14 days accommodation in the Maldives

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14 days accommodation in the Maldives – the Maldives is in very high demand among the people who want to travel to their final destination from India and other south Asian countries.

The Maldives opened its doors for South Asian countries around 15th July after which it has seen a lot of travellers, fully booked hotels and crowded airports. Usually, people are spending 14 nights in the Maldives to travel to countries like UAE, the USA and Saudi Arabia.

14 days accommodation in the Maldives

How much should be the cost to spend 14 nights in a Hotel in Maldives?

Though the Maldives is known for its Luxury exotic expensive islands, however, there is another side to it. There are Inhabited islands in the Maldives in which normal 3* hotels are there with basic facilities.

At the moment due to very high demand, even these 3* hotels are asking for high per night charges. It should cost around 800 USD – 2000 USD per person for 14 nights.

Where can I get govt approved hotel facilities in Maldives ?

One can refer to this list to know approved hotel facilities in the Maldives. However, these hotel facilities are charging quite high on online booking portals. One can get in touch with professionals and experts to get the best deals out of it 🙂

Are Unvaccinbated people allowed to check-in Hotels on the local island of Maldives?

As per the Maldives govt –

Tourists (including accompanying vaccine ineligible children) who have not completed the full dosage of vaccination, will be allowed to check-in to guesthouses on local islands, if and when the following vaccination requirements are met in the guesthouse island:(a) 60% of the island’s total population have completed 14 days since receiving the full dosage of vaccination.
(b) 95% of the tourism-related service providers on the island have completed 14 days since receiving the full dosage of vaccination.
(c) 90% of the individuals above the age of 65 (sixty-five) living on the island have completed 14 days since receiving the full dosage of vaccination.

How can one get transferred from Male Airport to Hotels in Local Island ?

In the Maldives, speed boat plays or Seaplanes play an important role in transfers from Male Airport to Hotels in Local Islands. One should get it included at the time of booking a deal of hotel. It might cost very high if you will try and get it once you reach the airport.

Will I get good food options on the local Island around the Maldives?

We always recommend people to get hotel deals on a full board basis (with all meals) otherwise in the Maldives if you will try to have a meal outside, it might cost very high. Though on the local island one might get some food options.

Is there any quarantine rule in the Maldives?

No, as of now there is no Quarantine rule in the Maldives for vaccinated as well as unvaccinated south Asian travellers.

Will Hotel arrange an RTPCR test at the time of departure for us?

We again recommend getting the deal of RTPCR test once you are looking for a hotel. Usually, hotels provide all these facilities in a package. You can get in touch with our specialists and get help 🙂

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