India to the USA via Mexico

India to the USA via Mexico – There is a huge category in India on visit/H1B1 visa of the USA, seeking to travel but due to covid restriction they are not allowed to fly direct. People are looking for other options and Mexico is one of the most popular of them. In the last few months, many people travelled from India to the USA via Mexico and they successfully reached 🙂

India to the USA via Mexico

Mexico is very near to the USA and is proving to be an essential layover spot for Indians who are travelling to the USA on a visit/H1B1 Visa.

How many nights of a layover is required in Mexico to enter the USA from India?

It is required to spend 14 nights in Mexico if one wants to enter the USA from India

Is there any quarantine rule for Indians in Mexico ?

No, at the moment there is no Quarantine rule for anyone flying from India to Mexico.

Can Indians get on arrival visa for Mexico ?

If one is having a Valid Canadian or USA visa stamped on passport, they shall get an arrival visa in Mexico without any issues

Which Mexico cities are good for layovers for Indians to travel to USA ?

Though a lot of people from India travelled from Mexico City to the USA one can also look for flights from Cancun city.

Is it expensive to spend 14 nights in Mexico ?

Well, it really depends on the hotel category you are choosing, however, one can get a good quality stay at better prices. Meals are also not that expensive however having your meals daily at the hotel might cost you more compared to any good restaurant nearby.

Is it safe to travel from India to USA via Mexcio ?

Well, Safety-wise it is very important to choose a good category hotel in a location that is tourist-friendly. Discussing Mexico as a 3rd Country route – No route is safe.

We are saying no route is safe because the situation is so unprecedented that things are changing quite rapidly. Serbia gave a surprise of Quarantine, Doha did the same and there is no guarantee that other countries won’t give you shocks. One should always be ready to adapt the dynamic situations 🙂

India To USA via Mexico Inclusions


Not all flights should/can be booked to Mexico from India when your final destination is the USA, it is always better to get expert advice to ignore getting into any problems in the journey.


It is always recommended to get hotels nearby the Mexico city airport as there is no point getting into the rush when you are in layover. Secondly, you should always keep yourself safe.


You should always pre-book the transfers before reaching Mexico so you will not have to get into negotiations at the last moment.


Though everyone wants to have 2 pc baggage in the journey but is it possible when you are travelling via 3rd country, well not always. Contact us to see if you can get the same deals.


You should have valid insurance before reaching Mexico otherwise there will be an issue while getting an entry

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