Is it worth visiting Jawai ?
Is it worth visiting Jawai ?

Is it worth visiting Jawai (Rajasthan)? India’s Leopard Hills :)

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Is it worth Visiting Jawai in Rajasthan? Well, let us first understand this There is a radius of crystalline hills where leopards can comfortably find caves and that’s why it becomes a quality place for them for shelter. And they are not just surviving here, they are also flourishing and the total population of leopardsROUND in this area is 60 to 70.

JAWAI has become a preferred surrounding for leopards because of the Habitat it provides. Other than the spotted ones, there are many other fauna’s on which these leopards can hunt and there is a huge area in which they can roam

You also get to see crocodiles and more than 100 species of birds here.

So yes if you are really interested in experiencing wildlife and want to spend a quality peaceful time searching for leopards and crocodiles then it is worth visiting Jawai (Rajasthan).

Yes it worth a visit
When Leopards can bee seen in Jawai Bandh?

Leopards have made Jawai their favourite place to hang out . As per the locals from the month of mid October till April leopards can easily been seen roaming around .

Which other destinations can be clubbed with Jawai Bandh

There are ample of historic and beautiful destinations in Rajasthan and mostly all of those can clubbed with Jawai bandh if you are comfortable driving or travelling . Almost all major destinations like Jaisalmer , Udaipur or Bikaner are 6-8 hours drive from here .
Ranakpur a small town destination is though only around 150 kms from here.

What is the best option of accommodation in Jawai bandh ?

One of the recommended resorts in Jawai Bandh is The Thour nature resorts

Is Jawai bandh safe to visit ?

Yes, Jawai Bandh is absolutely a safe place to visit . Just like any other tourist destination around the world you might encounter with some vendors asking to get their services or people asking for tips but otherwise there is no threat at all .

Are the leopards residing in Jawai Bandh , man eaters ?

🙂 No these leopards are not man eaters but it should be noted that you cant treat them a pet animal . No one should ever try to come near to these big cats otherwise it is totally upto the leopards if they would attack you or eat you .

What things can be seen in Bandh ?

Below are the places or things to be seen In Jawai Bandh –

Other Animals like Crocodiles
Jawai Hills

Things to seen in Jawai (Rajasthan)

First of all Leopard, Leopard and Leopard

Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve - Thour Nature Resorts
Is it worth visiting Jawai ?

The granite hills of Jawai has rare footage of Leopards living together like a family and can be seen at the stairs to temple during the evening. Jawai,India’s Leopard Hills are the only place in India that has the highest density Leopards.

Other wild animals in Jawai

Crocodile Sightings in Jawai Dam - Is it worth visiting Jawai ?

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Jawai are home to extraordinary wildlife and wild predators such as Indian Wolf,Striped Hyena,Junlge wild cat, Panther and Indian Leopard. The hills around Jawai are known as India’s Leopard Hills and leopard live with the villagers and other animals.

Jawai Hills

Jawai Hills - Is Jawai worth visiting ?

Jawai Hills is a picturesque location in Pali district of Rajasthan, surrounded by Jawai Bandh,grasslands,riverbed and grazing ground. The Hills of Jawai were shaped by lava millions of years ago and now the natural caves and rock shelters of Jawai Hills are home to leopards and Indian striped hyena.

Jawai Dam

Jawai Dam (Pali) - 2020 What to Know Before You Go (with Photos) -  Tripadvisor

Jawai Bandh is one of the most famous and biggest dam in the western Rajasthan state, built across the Jawai river in Pali district. Jawai Dam also has crocodile sanctuary for Indian Mugger crocodiles and migratory birds including sarus cranes and flamingo.


Jawai crocodile sanctuary, Kambeshwar Jee leopard sanctuary | leopard  Nature Camp

Jawai dam crocodile sanctuary,Jawai hills leopards sanctuary and Kambeshwar ji leopard sanctuary are located in and around Jawai. The picturesque location around the Jawai hills and dam is home to number of wild animals such as Wolf, Chinkara, Jackals and Jungle cats.

So as per your preference what you think is it worth visiting Jawai ?

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