Can I Travel to Sikkim now?

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Can i travel travel to Sikkim now ?

Yes , Sikkim is open for tourism now and you can travel to Sikkim .

What is Travel card requirement to enter Sikkim ?

Tourist visiting Sikkim are required to fill in requisite details in the forms available under the tab for tourists in the Tourism Portal of Govt. A Travel card can be downloaded after filling all the sections and entering relevant details. The Travel Card is to be shown at the entry point at Rangpo/Melli. The Travel Card is required to be updated by the tourist themselves or the Hotels or Tour operators or TICs on a day to day basis thereafter during their stay in Sikkim.

Is it required to carry COVID 19 test when entering Sikkim ?

No , It is not mediatory to carry RT PCR Covid 19 test before travelling to Sikkim

When is Losar festival going to be celebrated in 2021 ?

12th Feb – 14th Feb

What language dominates in Sikkim ?

Nepali is the most spoken language of Sikkim


The beautiful and breath-taking Himalayan state of Sikkim is a traveler’s delight with a plethora of gorgeous places to offer. The state that was shut for tourists for months due to the novel Coronavirus has recently announced that it will open its doors for the travelers from October 10. Reportedly, the Sikkim government has allowed hotels, homestays, and all tourism-related services to resume operations.

As perTravel Daily Media

There is an order signed by Ravindra Telang ,the principal secretary of home in Sikkim and in order it was raised that the state is prepared to permit interstate movement from October 1. The order said, “It has been decided to allow the free interstate movement of people without any requirement of registration with effect from 1 October and also permit hotels, homestays, and other tourism-related services to operate from 10 October.”

West Bengal will also open its border for road travel from October 1. The state will soon issue SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) for hotels and the tourism sector.

It is an awesome news for tourists! If one are preparing for a trip to Sikkim, one can start booking hotels or homestay from September 27, as per reports. The odd-even allocation rule for public transport will also be released from October 1. The Inner Line allows for International travellers with visas should be granted starting from October 10.

This Himalayan state had foist the odd-even aka road allocation rule, by bouding the cars on road as per the last digits of the RC number, in order to contain the spread & movement in theCOVID-19pandemic.

Gangtok which is the capital of Sikkim has been under a complete lockdown from September 21 and it will go on till September 27 to restraint the surging COVID-19 cases in the city.

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