Spots to see near Atal Tunnel ?

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What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂 Atal Tunnel is a highway tunnel built under the Rohtang Pass in the eastern Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas on the Leh-Manali Highway in Himachal Pradesh, India. At a length of 9.02 km, it is the longest tunnel above 10,000 feet in the world and is named after former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. After the inauguration, it has opened the tracks for tourism and everyone is curious to know what are places to see near the Atal tunnel.

How far is Atal Tunnel from Manali?

Atal tunnel is 28.5 km from Manali

What is the length of the Atal tunnel?

The length of the Atal tunnel is 9.02 km

Is there any toll tax to use the Atal tunnel?

No, the Atal tunnel is absolutely free to enter and there is no toll tax for using it.

What is the speed limit in the Atal tunnel?

In some parts of the tunnel speed limit is 40kms per hour whereas you will also have an option to drive up to 60kms in some parts of it.

Places to see near Atal Tunnel

Sissu Helipad (11.2 kms from Atal tunnel)

It has now become the spot of attraction for tourists, it is almost around 11 km from the Atal tunnel. PM Modi when inaugurated the tunnel used this helipad.

Sissu Helipad
Spots to see near Atal Tunnel

There is a small lake where boating is done and a spectacular mountain view here around the helipad area.

You will also see some good food points on the pad where they serve Maggie and momos to tourists

Gondhala Fort(11.2 km from Atal Tunnel)

This Castle was built by Raja Man Singh of Kullu for Thakurs of Gondhala village in 1700 AD. This fort is an adorable piece of the historical monument. Give it a visit to see the stone and timber architecture of the valley. This is an old fort which unfortunately is not very well maintained now. It used to be popular for its stocks of Horses. The Fort is located on the right of Chandra River enclosed a magnificent & eight-story tower built from timber and stone.

What are the Spots to see near Atal Tunnel :)
What are the Spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

Gondola Castle was the pride of the whole Lahaul area when it was at its peak during the rule of the local Raja Thakur.

The prime tower used to provide a roof during wars and was enclosed by a tangled complex of buildings.

Gondola village is about 16 kms from Keylong on way to Manali.

Koksar, Himachal Pradesh(14.4 km from Atal Tunnel)

What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

Itis a small village situated 19 KMs from Rohtang.
It is one of the most chill places in the Lahaul region and experiences good snowfall during the winters.

Koksar becomes gateways to Lahaul valley for voyages during peak time. A PWD accommodation and some stopgap eating places remain active here for business in summers.

Koksar is high altitude area showcasing panoramic views of the Himalayas offering various hiking options. Sissu is 13 KMs from here.

A police check post is there during summers where tourists usually stop for a break and show their e passes for Rohtang valley. Foreigners have to register their passports at the same police station.

Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh(*19.4 km from Atal Tunnel)

Hampta pass
What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

Itis the most perfect trek for first-timers, it is not only accessible and comfortable to trek but also simply adorable.

You can initiate the trek from Manali at 14100 ft, this is appropriate contrast to starting from a distant village. It takes around 4 days to complete this trek.

You can cover diversified treks in the landscape. It includes barren land, dense forests, open valleys, and lakes which gives a treat to the eyes and also is ideal for photography.

You can also increase a day and track at Chandratal Lake, which is called for its deep blue colour.

The Hampta Pass joins the adorable Kullu with the Lahaul and Spiti district and exposes you to their rich flora and fauna, rare birds and cute meadows. Tourists from around the world love to come to trek here to store their inner-self for a thrilling experience.

One gets astonished with glaciers, cornice formations and snow all around. However, the trek can be done anytime in a year till it is open but between June and September, it is more comfortable.

Deo Tibba, Himachal Pradesh(*24.7 km from Atal Tunnel)

What are the Spots to see near Atal Tunnel :)
What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

It is located at an elevation of 6006 meters.Itis one of the towering peaks in the Pir Panjal range. It is also a famous trekking point. The 6000 mts summit must be a dream for any trekker.

From the top, you can see other lofty peaks such as Ali Ratni Tibba, Devachan, Kullu Pumori, Dharamasura and Papsura. It also has a religious significance. The local people believe that their god meets at the peak of Deo Tibba.

To reach here one will have to trek for almost eight days from Manali. The trek gets tested near the summit, it’s better to get the help of a professional here if you are not experienced or doing a trek of this type for the first time.

Tandi village, Himachal Pradesh(25.1 km from Atal Tunnel)

Tandi Village
What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

IT is at the junction of the Bhaga and Chandra rivers in the Pattan valley. It is a top spot to praise the pretty frame of the valley.

Tandi is a significant village situated about 10 kms from Keylong. Tandi is one of the only places on the Manali-Leh highway where you can get fuel.

You might get the next gas station 320 KMs away in Karu. Voyages travelling to Leh need to get the fuel here and also carry some extra also along as vehicles give substantially less mileage due to elevated and bad roads.

Kailash Manimahesh, Himachal Pradesh(*29 km from Atal Tunnel)

What are the Spots to see near Atal Tunnel :)
What are the Spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

This is the location of popular bathing grounds. It’s the spot where thousands of passengers come following the carnival of Janamashtami in the month of August.

The lake is bestowed by 2 gods, Lord Shiva and the Goddess Kali. It’s a sacred place, and you’ll find all of your tourist bonuses and apparatus here. The water is crystal clear and is a treat to the eye!

Keylong, Himachal Pradesh(29.3 km from Atal Tunnel)

What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

Itis the administrative centre of the Lahaul and Spiti district and is situated on the Manali-Leh highway.

Popular for the Kardang Monastery, Shasur (Sha-Shu )and Tayul monasteries are also in surrounding districts. It is a place that gives a sly into the Buddhist culture of the valley.

Keylong is popular for the Lahaul festival enjoyed in July annually and draws the attention of many to be part of the carnival of the locals. Keylong has the Triloknath shrine that is popular with Hindus and Buddhists and gives an outlook of Lahaul architecture.

Keylong is one of the towns where travellers stop for a night while doing the world popular Manali-Leh road trip. This highway is called as mother of all roads as it proceeds through some of the elevated passes in the world.

Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh(32.3 km from Atal Tunnel)

What are the Spots to see near Atal Tunnel :)
What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

It gives a full overview of Buddhist culture and art and is connected to adorable points, blue rivers and huge glaciers. Lahaul valley is sustained by the Chandra and Bhaga Rivers arising from both sides of the Baralacha pass. Lahaul is a perfect photography spot with Pir Panjals on one side and Great Himalayas on another. Be part of the magnificence of the White blanket of glaciers like the Bada Shigri, Chota Shigri and Sonapani glaciers. Lahaul valley is popular for its Losar festival that has the same importance as Deepawali for the rest of the nation.

Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh(34.2 km from Atal Tunnel)

Rohtang Pass
What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

It is at a height of over 13000 ft and is very popular amongst the bikers and the trekkers who want to scute this inviolable pass. It is quite hard to cross the pass as it is vulnerable to avalanches.

Rohtang is at the Beas Kund that is the prime source of water supply to the Beas river. Apart from this Sarkund lies on the left side of the Rohtang Pass.

Popular for its medicinal belongings this kind is often visited during September month.

Kareri Lake, Himachal Pradesh(*50.8 km from Atal Tunnel)

What are the Spots to see near Atal Tunnel :)
What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

It is the centre of attraction of many! This is a tiny lake appealing perched on a mountainside a short 10km attraction out of town.

It is Fed by mountain tributary and glacier water. The water is crystal clear and cool for a dive in the summer months Don’t even think of it in Winters. Voyages wanting to go there only need to follow the Nylund stream from the village of Kareri, leading right up to the lake.

Great Himalayan National park, Himachal Pradesh(*57.7 km from Atal Tunnel)

Himalyan National Park
What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

It is located in the Kullu region, Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) is roosted at an altitude between 1500 to 6000 meters. The area bound up the Jiwa, Sainj and Tirthan rivers were set up as the Great Himalayan Park in the year 1984.

Great Himalayan National park is distinguished by high alpine peaks and pastures along with riverine forests and valleys.

You can find n number if the variety of flora and 375 species of fauna which has mammals, reptiles, birds, annelids and insects etc.

Gliding snowy mountains, sense green meadows scattered with immaterial flora are a treat for your eyes.

Mountain goats, Snow leopard, deer, bear, tahr, serow, Himalayan goral, Leopard, Snow leopard, and pheasants etc can be found in Great Himalayan Park.

During the monsoons and winters, this area gets berry heavy rains and snowfall and most roads get cut off. That is why April to June and October-November are the best times to visit.

There are many forest rest houses at Sai Ropa and Sainj, outside the Park which offers accommodation. Bhuntar near Kullu is the airport; Shimla (270 km.) is the nearest railhead. Kullu (60 km.) is the closest town.

Rahala Falls, Himachal Pradesh(58 km from Atal Tunnel)

Rahala Falls, Himachal Pradesh(58 km from Atal Tunnel)
What are the spots to see near Atal Tunnel 🙂

This fall initiates due to melting glaciers. Almost 27 km from Manali, Rahala Fall flows from a height of 2501 m. Tourists can reach this falls on the way to Rohtang Pass.

Buses are easily accessible to get to this place. Its immaculate beauty is breathtaking. The aroma filled air will destress your mind, heart and body. One can get the exact outlook of the whole surroundings from this point. Silver Birch trees and Deodar forest amplify the beauty of this area.

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