How to download Vaccine certificate from CGTEEKA portal and is it Valid out of state?

Vaccine Certificate by Chattisgarh Govt valid out of state? – In India as per the govt policies vaccines programs are run separately by central and state governments. However, the format of vaccine certification formats is different which has created confusion among people.

Is the vaccination certificate by the Chattisgarh government’s CG Teeka Portal Valid out of state?

How to register for Covid 19 vaccination in Chattisgarh?

Chattisgarh Govt has launched CG Teeka online Portal that is helping people to get registered and schedule Covid 19 vaccination. One can visit the portal and click on schedule vaccination after which they can easily complete the further process.

How the vaccination certificate is generated for COVID 19 in CG teeka online portal?

One will have to visit the website and click on schedule vaccination, once you will click on schedule vaccination, you will have to select “पंजीकरण क्रमांक” and fill in the registration number which you have got when you scheduled your vaccination.

If you have already got vaccinated and it has been updated on the portal you will get the option to download your valid covid 19 vaccination certificate.

Is the vaccination certificate generated on the CG Teeka portal by Chattisgarh Govt valid out of state?

Yes, The vaccination certificate generated on the CG Teek portal by the Chattisgarh govt is valid all over India. Though if you will get it scanned on COWIN portal or Cowin app but as per the authorities if the certificate is genuine be it from the central govt or state govt, it will be treated as valid all over the nation.

Is the vaccination certificate generated on the CG Teeka portal by Chattisgarh Govt valid to travel abroad?

Yes, the certificate will be valid if you are travelling abroad. We sent the mail to and asked the same question but there is no response yet. However, we have called different international airports and as per them, the certificate produced by state govt as well as central govt has got the same value.

Why is Chattisgarh’s state COVID 19 vaccine certificate format different from the central govt certificate format?

As per the authorities, both the central govt and state govt will be running their individual vaccination programs. You must have got the vaccination under the state govt program because of which your certificate’s format is different from the central govt certificate format.

Is it only Chattisgarh state that is using its own format of vaccination certificate?

No there are other state governments, for example, Punjab that is using its own COVA app to generate vaccination certificates with a different format. Almost every state government is creating their own portal for the same.

Should I choose between getting vaccinated from the State govt program or the central govt program in order to get a central govt certificate of vaccination?

There is no point choosing between central govt or state govt vaccination as both are valued the same. We would urge everyone to get vaccinated ASAP without any second thought. All the measures are taken by state and central govt are for the betterment of Chattisgarh & India 🙂

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  1. Priya Soni

    How to get booking of 2 nd dose in such case ..
    I have my first dose certificate from cg teeka ..however it showing invalid in covin app

  2. Punit

    I am from Mumbai.
    I took my first dose on 6th June 2021 when I came to Raipur at my inlaws place. I got the vaccination certificate from CG state.
    Now I am back in Mumbai and want to take 2nd dose after 84 days. But COWIN app shows I am yet to take 1st dose.
    How do I get second dose in Mumbai with COWIN final certificate?

  3. Ayush

    I am trying to book second dose slot, but 1st dose of cgteeka certificate is showing invalid. So how to register for second dose??

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