Points to be considered before booking Himachal Holiday package in 2021 !

Himachal is one of the most beautiful and visited destinations in India. It is also called as “Queen of Hills” and rightly so. In 2020 due to Covid 19, this queen of Hills saw an unfortunate break-in its tourism cycle. To not see the situation again it was very important to levy some COVID measures on tourism.

Let us discuss what all policies are applicable if one wants to visit Himachal Pradesh and what other factors are required to be taken care of before finalising a travel Holiday package 🙂

What is the distance between the main tourist places of Himachal Pradesh?

Distance between Delhi to Shimla by Road – 350 Kms | 8 Hours Approx
Distance between Chandigarh to Shimla – 111 Kms | 3:30 Hours Approx
Distance between Shimla to Manali – 249 Kms | 7:30 Hours Approx
Distance between Manali to Dharamshala – 219 Kms |6:30 Hours Approx
Distance between Dharamshala to Dalhousie – 117 Kms |3:30 Hours Approx
Distance between Dalhousie to Amritsar – 200 Kms | 5 hours Approx
Distance between Manali to Amritsar – 400 Kms |10 hours ApproxMap of Himachal Pradesh

Is Covid 19 test mandatory to enter Himachal Pradesh?

No, Covid 19 test is not mandatory to enter Himachal Pradesh. However, most tourists from the west and south India get a flight to Delhi.
Wef from 26th Feb people travelling from below five states has to get Covid 19 negative report to land at Delhi Airport.

People of States required to get COVID negative test before Landing in Delhi:

Madhya Pradesh
Rules & regulation for entering Himachal

What are the main tourist cities of Himachal Pradesh that are recommended to visit?


What Standard one can expect from the Hotels of Himachal Pradesh?

It is always recommended to go for at least 3* resorts in Himachal as going for lesser than that might prove to be a wrong decision.
It is also to be noted that 3* resorts or Hotels should not be compared with the same category of foreign standards.

What is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh in a year?

Himachal Pradesh is always open and full of tourists and it depends on personal preferences.
October to February are usually very cold and people who don’t like to be in extremely cold weather generally ignore this time.
March to September are usually cold but not as much as in the other months. When it is extremely hot in the other parts of the country people love to travel to get some cool breeze.

What type of service one should expect from taxi service providers while booking a Himachal Pradesh trip?

Taxi and driver service will be with the customers from 8 AM – 8 PM for specific tours mentioned in the itinerary. The driver will not be bound to take clients on any extra trip to even to any nearby place if it is not included in their service agreement.

In the end, it all depends on the relationship client makes with the driver 🙂

The AC of taxis will not run in the hilly areas of Himachal as vehicles.
All toll taxes will be included in the package itinerary

What all types of food one can expect in Himachal Pradesh while on tour?

Himachal Shares its boundaries with Punjab and its cuisine is very much influenced by Punjabi culture. One should easily get Punjabi Dhaba’s at a very reasonable cost in Himachal Pradesh.
As Gujaratis love to travel, one can also find some Gujarati dishes in some commercialised cities of Himachal Pradesh.
SouthIndian restaurants can also be easily found in most of the places in Himachal
Indo-Chinese cuisine is also very famous and can be easily found in Himachal Pradesh

What are the preferred flight timings for the Himachal tour if arriving at Delhi or Chandigarh?

One should also check a flight which is reaching Delhi or Chandigarh Airport early in the morning so that day can be fully consumed in the tour.
While returning back departure should always be booked in the evening or night so as to get the best out of it!

Should you expect the driver to be able to communicate in English?

Actually Not, it is very difficult in north India to get a driver who is good in English. But if you are not comfortable in Hindi and are worried about your communication with the driver then you should be prepared for a discussion in Hinglish and most drivers will understand and will be able to respond.

Should the Himachal package be clubbed with Leh Ladakh?

Himachal Pradesh and Leh Ladakh are totally different states, Leh Ladakh is a Union territory sharing its boundary with Himachal Pradesh. If one is intending to cover both the destinations together one should be prepared for a vacation of at-least 10 Nights to easily cover the important parts without any hassle.

How much money should be kept for expenses not included in the package?

In the digital world, it is not recommended to keep a lot of hard cash with you when plastic cards can easily be carried . Though we still recommend carrying at-least 10-15k handy.

When is the Rohtang pass open for tourists in a year?

Rohtang pass usually gets open from May till October and sometimes November depending on the weather . November till May it is closed for commercial vehicles and tourists.

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