What is the best time to book Maldives Holiday Package for 2022 ?

Well , Covid 19 made it very difficult for people around the world to travel for Holidays, we have observed many queries where people are asking the best time to book Maldives Holiday Package for 2022. so we thought to provide factual information to our readers .

Best time to book Maldives Holiday Package for 2022

Best time to book Maldives Holiday package for 2022 that is next year should start from the month of June & should not be stretched till September . When we tell people that their Maldives Holiday package should be booked now for next year, they get worried about the current situation of COVID 19 around the world .

With the Vaccine programs rising its capacity day by day many countries are already planning to get vaccinated before the end of 2021 including India , Moreover Maldives has already vaccinated 60% of its population with first dose of Covid 19 vaccine and will be taking it to 100% by October. Also 67% of people in hospitality industry has already been vaccinated .

Yes, now is the time to book Maldives Holiday package for 2022 .

Should you wait for sometime to book Maldives Holiday Package for 2022

Considering the start of vaccination program for adults above 18 in India (the biggest contributor of tourists to Maldives) and vaccination reaching completion in some countries of Europe ,experts in the industry are intimating the boom in the travel industry in 2022.

People are so frustrated sitting or working at home since almost 2 years that they are really looking for a way out and that is why companies are getting millions of enquiries for Holiday packages in 2022.

More over Maldives is usually loved by honeymooners and there are frustrated newly married people who although got married in 2020 & 2021 but didn’t get the chance to travel for honeymoon , in addition to them people will also be getting married in 2022 . With Maldives becoming first choice of Honeymooners around the world , it is definitely going to see an upsurge .

As per the experts , no if you really want to travel in 2022 you should not wait for any more time to book Maldives Holiday Package for 2022 🙂

Will Maldives Holiday Package for 2022 get expensive in Near future

People around the world has already started booking packages for almost all destinations for 2022 which is creating a lot of demand for Hotel & flights for 2022. Airlines & Hotels has already predicted the business to be 150% than it was in 2021 and that is why to cover the loss they have incurred in the years 2020-2021 , they have already started charging more.

Yes , with the time there will be an increase in the cost of Holiday package for year 2022 .

Will it be safe to travel to Maldives in year 2022 for Holidays ?

Maldives is encompassed by 100’s of beautiful Atolls , these atolls are structured in a way that it beautifully makes Maldives the most safest place to be in . One who is travelling to Maldives to island resorts is not required to enter the habitat areas of the country. Maldives Airport is located on sea shore from where one can directly get a speed boat or a sea plane to checkin in to resorts .

Yes , Maldives is the safest destination to travel for Holidays in 2022

What are the rules & regulations to Travel to Maldives

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What are the best island resorts in Maldives that should be booked for 2022 ?

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