Can I travel to Uttarakhand?

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Can I Travel to Uttarakhand – Well almost every tourist who had been stuck at home due to COVID from the last 10 months wants to know only this thing!

Uttarakhand is a state in north India .It is known for its Hindu pilgrimage . It is a land Historical temples on hills .

Can you travel to Uttarakhand ?

Yes Absolutely you can travel to Uttarakhand as state has released the restrictions and no negative test is required now to enter the state.It is recommended to regularly check UK govt website for latest Updates

Is it required to register some where before entering UK ?

It is recommended to register yourself at Dehradun Smart City Limited

Is Uttarakhand govt promoting tourism at this moment ?

yes , after releasing all restrictions , UK Govt is promoting tourism but with social distancing measures .

Can I travel to Uttarakhand?

The UK govt has now lifted coronavirus-led restrictions for tourists. As per the latest guidelines, it is no longer required for tourists to carry a COVID negative report.

Apart from this, the earlier mentioned mandatory stay of two days in a hotel or homestay has also been lifted.

In case want to spend some time to Uttarakhand for Holidays these things are to be kept in mind, as mentioned on the government’s tourism website:.

* Before travel, register yourself on the Dehradun Smart City Limited ( website.

* Tourists will have to register modes of transportation they will use to travel.

* While COVID-negative test report is not mandatory before check-in, other measures like thermal scanning, sanitisation, among other protocols for hotels and restaurants will be complied with.

* The hotel management can frame their own procedure for tourists staying at their property.

* If any tourist tests COVID positive, the hotel management shall intimate the District Administration immediately.

* The District Administration could make arrangements for “random checks” to ensure that compliance with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Health Ministry and Government of India guidelines.

Can i travel to Uttarakand
Can i travel to Uttarakhand , Guidelines (Source – UK Govt website)
Can i travel to Uttarakhand
Can i travel to Uttarakhand , Guidelines (Source – UK Govt website)

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