Can Komodo island be combined with Bali tour package?

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Can Komodo island be combined with Bali tour ?There are several options to get fromBalito Komodo by sea or air. If you want take a easy and quick route, it’s better to book the flight. International Airport (DPS) to Komodo Airport (LBJ). But, if you want an excitingvacationpackage while enjoying archipelagos around Komodo National Park, then cruise might be the best way for you .

Even if you are travelling from Jakarta we would recommend to take a layover at Bali and then move ahead to Komodo 🙂

However, you still need a boat if you want to explore the other main islands around Komodo Island – Rinca and Padar .

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What if you want to travel Komodo island from Bali via sea ?

Bali to komodo island via sea :)


There are various cruise options from affordable traditional Indonesian Phinisi to luxury that you can choose for your trip. Also, various sailing packages from two to three days tour that conveniently includes park admission fees. Take a liveaboard from Bali with departures from Bima or Benoa, and disembark in Labuan Bajo. The itineraries often offering to take in sites around Komodo Island and diving.

Join sailing trip on board for an exciting liveaboard adventure in Indonesia to some of the best spots in the land. Also, guests are able to enjoy heart-pumping diving in Komodo National Park. Stopover at the world-class dive sites Castle Rock, Manta-Point, and Crystal Rock. Have you been diving or snorkeling in Castle Rock? It’s an amazing dive site in the Komodo Islands! Get the chance to see manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, giant trevallies, coral reefs, and much more.

So Which is better Gili islands or Nusa Penida?


You can also access Labuan Bajo from Bali by Ferry. There are two ferry services from Bali – Labuan Bajo route. But, before you go getting excited at a drastically affordable option, just know that the ferries take an extremely long time to get there.

KM Binaiya:Benoa (Denpasar) – Bima – Labuan Bajo (31 hours)

KM Tilongkabila:Benoa (Denpasar) – Ampenan (Lembar) – Bima – Labuan Bajo (33 hours)

How to travel from Lombok to Komodo island

Vacationing in Lombok is a popular destination frequented by travelers. On the map, it doesn’t seem too far, but if you can’t wait for the Komodo island, flying will be the best choice because this is the most efficient.How to get to Komodo Islandfrom Lombok? For direct flights, you can book Wings Air (IW) from Lombok Praya International Airport to Labuan Bajo. However, for most backpackers flying will be the last choice! Here are some other alternatives onhow to get to Komodo Islandfrom Lombok.


Lombok to Komodo island bus service

In Lombok, you will probably see a lot of tourist agencies offer a bus to Flores or Komodo Island from Lombok and Gilli. Doing it yourself might prove quite frustrating , better opt for an agency to do it for you:)

Boat Combo

There is no ferry from Lombok to Komodo, only tourist boats that certainly take longer than 24 hours. But, it does multiple stops along the way to Komodo Island. Lots of snorkeling activity, visit Komodo and other islands.


Water route from Lombok to Bali :)

Join a liveaboard tour is a good option as it included two days and one night or more, includes accommodation, full-board meal plan, and a stop at all the highlight must see places along the way. To those of you that are interested in traveling from Lombok to Komodo National Park, it’s the best recommendation for enjoying the stunning Indonesian archipelago. You can simply see many adorable things on various dive site likekomodo island pink beach. You will have the opportunity to see manta rays, giant trevallies, sweetlips, lionfish to schools of tuna and even dolphins! (AT)

So if we come back on that question that “Can Komodo island be combined with Bali tour package”? we would say yes but for that if you are travelling from India then you might have to plan it for more than 15 days so as to cover Bali and Komodo properly.

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