Options for Canadian Citizens to travel from India to Canada?

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Options for a Canadian Citizen to travel from India to Canada – There are many students, work visa holders and NRI’s who are stuck in India due to a travel ban. This category of travellers is forced t choose a 3rd country indirect route to travel back to their final destinations.

Unlike other countries, Canada has not imposed the restriction of staying in a 3rd country for 14 nights, however, they still want people travelling from India to get their RTPCR test reports from any 3rd country except India. People with Indian passports are now spending more than 4000 CAD to reach Canada. However, people with Canadian Citizenship still can get some benefits.

One shall always be abiding by laws of govt and embassy to enter any country, in our articles we provide suggestions as per the rules and policies of countries which lawfully permits travellers to travel to the final destination in Covid times. We still recommend getting in touch with the respective embassies to have final confirmation.

Options for Canadian Citizens to travel from India to Canada

Can Canadian nationals fly directly from India to Canada?

No, Anyone who is flying from India has to get an RTPCR test from 3rd country. Even direct flights are also not operating between both countries.

Do Canadian passport holders get additional benefits while travelling?

Yes, Canadian passport holders get additional benefits while travelling to international destinations. There are many countries that do not allow Indian passport holders to enter with pre-acquired visa. However, almost 90% of the countries give arrival Visa to Canadian passport holders.

Who can help me flying from India to Canada in this covid times ?

It is always recommended to get in touch with professionals at the moment to get experts advice. Our experts are working on 3rd country itineraries since this concept started. We have experience sending more than 300 travellers to Canada.

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