India to Canada Via UAE

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India to Canada Via UAE – Wef – 5th August 2021 Indians can take via Dubai to reach out to the final destination, in this case, there might be a possibility that one can fly in Dubai carriers also.

There are Students, Work visa holders and residents of Canada who are stuck in India for the last 3-4 months with very few options to fly. After the ban on direct flights from India to Canada people is using 3rd country routes to fly.

These 3rd country routes though initially were feasible and were less expensive but later after the availabilities were over people are again feeling stranded.

Wef 5th August permanent resident of Dubai can travel back to the country in a direct flight 🙂 After Dubai has released the ban on the Transit of Indian passengers, there is a possibility that people who want to travel to Canada can now go for Abu Dabhi, Emirates or Etihad. Wow, prices can come down 🙂

India to Canada Via UAE

India to Canada via UAE can be the next possible route for these students, work visa holders and residents of Canada.

Can I now take Dubai carriers to fly to Canada ?

We recommend you to call your airlines before booking any flight, however as per our understanding once can take UAE carriers to fly to Canada.

Will UAE allow us to have Covid 19 tests at airport so we can fly to Canada from there ?

Though there is no official announcement on this, as per our understanding, there is very little chance that one will be able to get Covid RTPCR report while transiting 🙂

Are there good connections of flights from India to UAE ?

There are good connections of flights that one may get from any international airport in India. The flights are cheap comparing to other 3rd country indirect routes and maybe more secure.

Are there good connections of flights from UAE to Canada ?

Yes, there are good connections of flight from the USA to Canada and one can still get it at affordable rates:)

Will i Have to get Visa at Dubai Airport to get my self tested there ?

Yes, you would need Visa to get tested and fly to Canada, Dubai won’t allow you to come in without Visa and you will not be allowed to travel from India only.

India to Canada Via Dubai

What are the Visa formalities of Dubai ?

For Dubai Visa one at least needs 7 days in Hand, it will be an e-visa for which documents are required to be sent via email –

Required documents for Dubai E visa

  • Confirmed Hotel Voucher
  • Visa applicationform filledandsigned along with applicants coloured photograph.
  • Scanned copy of front and last page of Passport (Should be valid for next 6 months from the date of Travel)
  • Onwardandexit confirmed ticket

Is Dubai Safe for a girl travelling alone ?

Yes, Dubai is totally Safe for a girl to have a layover in Dubai to travel to Canada 🙂

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