There might start direct Vistara flight from India to Bali & Indigo from India to Georgia, Tbilisi

There might start direct Vistara flight from India to Bali & Indigo from India to Georgia, Tbilisi

On June 19, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) granted approval for Vistara and IndiGo to operate international flights from Delhi to specific destinations. Vistara’s international flight between Delhi and Bali will commence on August 1, while IndiGo’s international flight between Delhi and Tbilisi in Georgia will begin on August 7.

Earlier this week, the DGCA also permitted IndiGo to launch flight services to Nairobi in Kenya, starting from July 24. This move marks the entry of the Gurugram-based airline into the expansive African region.

In February of this year, IndiGo had announced its intention to expand internationally by offering air services to Nairobi, Jakarta, and various Central Asian countries. This decision was motivated by the increased competition posed by a revitalized Air India under the Tata Group.

Recently, IndiGo disclosed plans to establish direct flights between Nairobi, Kenya, and Jakarta, Indonesia, originating from Mumbai in late July or early August.

These developments by Indian Government came after the backlash on the application of TCS over foreign spending. Starting from July 1, an extra 20% tax will be levied on all expenditures made in foreign countries for tourism purposes. This decision has been met with dissatisfaction from both the tourism industry and international travelers, as it will inevitably raise costs by 20%. However, it’s important to note that the 20% tax is eligible for a refund during the tax filing process.

In unrelated news, Bloomberg reported that Airbus SE is set to make a significant announcement at the upcoming Paris Air Show. It is speculated that the European aircraft manufacturer may unveil a remarkable agreement with IndiGo for 500 aircraft, which would effectively double the airline’s existing backlog. Sources familiar with the negotiations suggest that the proposed order would consist of A320neo family aircraft. IndiGo and Airbus are expected to make the announcement as early as Monday.

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