Checklist to travel to Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state that was in Punjab however got separated in 1971. Himachal is also sometimes called the “land of God”. There are 9 Devi temples in Himachal that have great importance for locals as well as for anyone in Hindu culture. Apart from religious values, Himachal is also famous for the amazing landscapes it has to offer. Also more than the destinations, you find the journey beautiful. If one is travelling to Himachal Pradesh for the first time or is not used to mountain journeys, there are a few things that should be considered. Himachal can prove to be quite confusing for newcomers. We have prepared the checklist to travel to Himachal Pradesh which might help you make your Journey smooth and more enjoyable.

Checklist to travel to Himachal Pradesh

Important Highlights of Checklist to travel to Himachal Pradesh

Covid requirements and restrictions to travel to Himachal Pradesh

Health Screening

  1. COVID Test is not required as of now, however, we recommend you check with Airlines from time to time as these rules are dynamic and might change anytime.
  2. The thermal screening will be done for all passengers upon arrival
  3. A vaccination Certificate though not mandatory, however, should always be carried


No Quarantine is required to travel to Himachal Pradesh, until and unless you test positive.

Passenger Obligation

All passengers must download Aarogya Setu App to travel not only to Himachal but anywhere in India. There are no other restrictions as of now to travel to Himachal Pradesh.

Checklist of Documents you should carry while travelling to Himachal Pradesh

  • Valid Indian Id Proof like Adhar Card (Pan card won’t work at Hotels)
  • If you are an international passenger, Do carry your passport
  • Vaccination Certificate ( Few Hotels in Himachal might ask you for the same at the time of Checkin)
  • Your Hotel Vouchers ( You can Keep those in Mobile)

Checklist of Clothes you should carry to travel to Himachal Pradesh

Himachal tours can be quite confusing in terms of weather. Your Clothes choice should always be on the basis of the month you are travelling. Let us understand the weather first before discussing on clothes you should carry to travel to Himachal.

Month rangeWeather
December – Feb Extreme Cold
March-May Cold
June – August Cold with Showers
September – NovemberCold
Weather conditions of Himachal as per the months

Usually, people who travel to Himachal Pradesh use Punjab or Delhi Airports. There can be a huge difference in the weather during summers between Himachal and these states. For example, if in the month of July, someone is arriving at Delhi Airport and then travelling to Himachal via road, then the person will have to meet with extreme heat waves in Delhi and Punjab first. The lower parts of Himachal also could be hot, however, by the time one will reach the destination it will start getting cooler.

List of Clothes you should carry while travelling to Himachal Pradesh

Warm Socks

Well, there is no rocket science, your feet are the first thing that should be kept warm to be comfortable in a cooler place. Usually, people make a mistake by ignoring god warm socks.

Rain Coat

If you are travelling somewhere around the monsoon season, then why not carry a lightweight raincoat. It will help you when you will want to have a walk around a nearby market, or when you will reach your sightseeing destination and you want to enjoy the landscape without worrying about rain. In short, raincoats really help if you want to do a tour freely during the monsoon.

Sports Shoe

One of the most important things which should never be ignored is the sports shoe. Imagine you are walking upward on the hill and you are wearing leather shoes, or sleepers or any other fancy shoe, what will happen to your feet then? Or would you be able to enjoy your walk? As per most mountainers, sports shoes are the one and only shoes you should carry while you are in Himachal Pradesh.


From April till November Jackets will only be required when you will reach heightened areas of Himachal. Say if you arrived in Delhi or Punjab airport, there you might not feel the need to wear Jackets. In summers, you would not even see it in these plain areas. However, when you will reach your destinations like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala or Dalhousie you will feel the need for Jackets. Lightweight Jackets are recommended for the months other than Nov to Feb.

Wind Sheeters

In the monsoon season, when rain is the issue instead of cold, you can opt for Wind sheeter jackets. The main purpose of these jackets is to save yourself from water and wind. One cannot get Wind Sheeters to Himachal in the winter season.


Most people feel the most comfortable in Pajamas when they are travelling and rightly so. It depends on an individual’s choice, however, you don’t have to get yourself stuck in tight jeans or pants when you have Pajamas in the world:).Though it is for men, women or children, wearing pyjamas is suggested while you are travelling. Depending on the weather, you can choose t

Checklist of Gadgets you Should Carry to travel to Himachal Pradesh

Power Bank

Though, nowadays most cabs have to charge facilities. So when you will be travelling, you will have the option. However, if you don’t like to plug your mobile publically near the driver’s seat, you should opt for power banks. These are easily available nowadays and are very common. If you don’t have it, buy it from the nearest gadget store or buy it directly from Amazon.

Ear Phones

When you are on the beautiful roads of Himachal Pradesh, your favourite songs will add extra sugar. There are people who love to listen to their favourite songs and imagine/ dream about their life while on the way.


If you love to read books, then you must be aware that Kindle is the most eligible replacement for it. Kindle is portable, easy to carry and can have n number of options of books. There are people who love to read when they travel. If you are one of those, just for it.


Though, mobiles today are as capable as basic DSLR cameras. However, if you really want to capture amazing moments of your trip in a pro way, you can get a DSLR camera with a lens that can capture the real beauty of the amazing landscapes of Himachal Pradesh.

Selfie Stick

You don’t want to get dependent on people clicking your pics or you are a couple travelling and you want the couple pics, trust my selfie stick is what you need. People do not understand the importance of the selfie stick, they only realize it when they miss it at that particular moment. If you want photos of your trip, go for a selfie stick.

Medicines one should carry when travelling to Himachal Pradesh

Though Himachal is now a hub of medicine manufacturers. There is no medicine which you will not get in a chemist shop in Himachal. Still, the point is when you will be commuting from one place to another and if you feel unwell, will you get medicine easily? It Usually depends on the location however below medicines should always be kept –

  • Dolo
  • Saridon
  • Domperidone- For motion sickness or nausea
  • Pantocid for acidity as gastritis is common when you eat out

Please be notedif one is having any Allergy to any one of these medicines, kindly consult your doctor before having it. We have in general advised as per the experience of other travellers. We do not hold any responsibility for any side effects of the medicine.

Other miscellaneous items that you can/should carry while on tour in Himachal

These are recommended products, You can click and check the products on Amazon –

Do’s and Don’t when on Himachal Pradesh’s Tour

  • Do reach Airport for your flight at least 2 hours before the flight timing
  • Do check the weight allotted to you on your tickets and don’t keep more than that. At the airport, airlines might charge very high for even a few Kgs.
  • Before having tea or coffee at any airport, check the cost first. Usually, at Airports, these beverages and food items are too expensive
  • Your cabin luggage size should not be more than the recommended size. Checkin baggage dimension should be usually 55cm x 35cm x 25cm. You can check the baggage options here.
  • Once you land at the arrival airport, don’t hurry things, do all formalities and directly go to your baggage belt.
  • At the time of landing, just give a call back to the driver that you have reached and you will come out soon. To understand the location where the driver will be standing for smooth pickup.
  • When you meet the driver, you should try to create a relationship which gives comfort to both sides
  • Discuss the itinerary with the driver once you get settled in the car for no confusion in later stages
  • Don’t forget to wear a seatbelt, if you are sitting in a front seat
  • Discuss with the driver about your meal stop, you can ask him for recommendations for better restaurants or Dhabas nearby.
  • If you feel sleepy, then you should not sit in the front seat of the cab
  • Though driver’s meal is not your responsibility, however, if you want you can still bring a few refreshing stuff like chips, drinks etc whenever you stop for a meal break.
  • When on plain roads, you can ask the driver to keep the AC on, however on hilly areas of Himachal Ac’s will be switched off
  • you can ask the driver to stop if you see any beautiful landscape around, however, do keep in mind the timings
  • In Himachal, on the roads, even small Dhaba’s are very hygienic and worth eating. However, do check first but don’t miss the opportunity to eat there. Himachali Kulcha’s and Vegetable Maggie are very famous.
  • If you feel motion sickness while in the car, do switch to the front seat. That helps a lot in Himachal
  • When you check in to Hotel, they will ask for your identity proof, and keep your Adhar card ready
  • Do reconfirm your meal plan at the time of check-in only
  • Do try to ask for the complementary higher category, usually, if it is available hotel provides it to tourists
  • Every destination in Himachal has its mall road type of markets. Be prepared to walk to the market
  • Do test your negotiation skills if buying anything from these markets
  • Locals are usually humble and respect visitors, you will feel good
  • Do try to know about the local culture and people
  • Never, cross any restricted area in Himachal as there can be many unknown threats, like wild animals, reptiles or even poisonous fauna
  • If you are not comfortable with Hindi or the local language, you can always use Google Translator or other alike apps. These proved to be very useful
  • Do not offer anything to Monkey in Himachal Pradesh
  • When at a sightseeing location, if you want to do any activity like horse riding, Bujee Jumping, Paragliding etc, do check all safety measures and also test your negotiation skills
  • Never go near any fast-running water, like rivers or dams. There is no one who can fight the sudden flow of water
  • While at the end of the tour, keep grace time from Himachal Pradesh to Airport/Station. Say for example if your flight is around 4 o clock from Amritsar, then you should aim at the airport around 12 Noon.

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