Self-drive a Car on rent vs cab for a vacation in Dubai?

Self-drive a Car on rent vs cab for a vacation in Dubai? Well, are you planning a trip to Dubai and is confused if you should opt for a self-drive car or a taxi/cab for transportation purpose. Dubai is a beautiful city that is found on an undersized rivulet in the northeast region of the state. More than 9/10 of the emirate’s inhabitants lives in the capital and nearby built-up provinces. Dubai is encircled by Abu Dhabi emirate on the south and west and by Sharjah emirate on the east. In accumulation, the remote exclave of Al-Ḥajarayn in the Wadi Ḥattā belongs to the state.

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Dubai is currently motherland to the earth’s 3rd-elite classified transportation infrastructure, according to a new statement broadcasted by respected property guru Knight Frank. The firm’s Hub Report resembled 7 prominent cities worldwide in terms of the execution of their respective infrastructure, logistics and industrial sectors. The Dubai authorities have infused billions in recasting the city’s infrastructure to sustain prevailing monetary blossoming and especially industrial development.

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Self-drive a Car on rent vs cab for a vacation in Dubai?

There is no direct answer to this Dilemma, however, there are a few points that we will discuss for better understanding. Car rental is not everyone’s cup of tea. One should be responsible enough to enjoy this privilege. There are many benefits and few demerits of renting a self-drive car in Dubai. Let us discuss more it.

Benefits of Hiring a car on rent in Dubai


A self-drive car in Dubai will always give you more flexibility than a cab with a driver. Especially in Dubai having a car that you can drive the whole day is like butter on bread. You will have the privilege to explore tourist spots in Dubai without worrying about the cab or the driver. Dubai beaches and markets are so beautiful and are worth giving time, no one would want to worry about time when on vacation in Dubai.

Self-drive a car in Dubai is an inexpensive option

In Dubai hiring a private taxi/cab might prove to be quite expensive. Usually, people opt for sharing cab option for Dubai tours however that won’t give comfort like travelling in a private car. Self-drive cars are comparatively quite pocket friendly in Dubai if compared with a private tourist cab with a driver.

Self-drive a car is safe compared to sharing taxi/cab

Covid made tourists realise the importance of safety measures while they are on tour. Tourists are ignoring rush places and vehicles. In these unprecedented times, hiring a self-drive cab in Dubai is no doubt safer than travelling in a shared cab with other tourists of different places. Even in a private cab, the traveller will have to share the car with the driver which makes it risky compared to hiring a Self-drive car in Dubai.

Complete freedom with self drive car in Dubai

You are free to do anything. Do you want to change your plan? Do you want to travel to a different city? Do you want to shop instead of touring? Visit friends a place? Well, literally anything by hiring a car on rent in Dubai. No one would ask and judge you about your plans. You won’t have to be dependent on the rigid itinerary papers.

Enjoy Driving on world’s best Road infrastructure in Dubai

As discussed before also, Dubai’s road infrastructure is one of the most organised in the whole world. It is the dream of many to drive on these buttery-smooth roads. So what are you waiting for, click here and get your self drive car in Dubai?

Demetris of Hiring a self drive car on rent in Dubai

Strict rules in Dubai

The traffic rules in Dubai are very strict. There is no scope of making any mistake while driving otherwise one will be gifted with Challans. One should be responsible enough to drive consciously, so as to ignore all hassles.

Unknown routes

Find Your Rental Car

For most of you, Dubai routes will be unknown which sometimes makes it difficult to reach the destination hassle-free. However, Google map is the biggest solution to this problem and people are coping with it like a pro.

Tour Guidance

When you hire a cab with a driver, you also get assistance and guidance from the driver. However, if you rent a car and drive it in Dubai, you will have to manage on your own. Though one can hire a tour guide after reaching the spot.

Parking issues

Though Dubai has the world’s most organised road infrastructure with the best parking facilities. However, when you are new and you don’t have any idea of parking facilities around, you can get into a big mess. If you are hiring a self-drive car in Dubai, make sure to do your research properly.

Different traffic rules

If you are flying from Europe or other western countires, you might find a different traffic behaviour in Dubai. When you rent a car in Dubai, make sure you know and understand how traffic works in the country. Initially, it takes time to adjust, however one should be ready for it.

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