Safest Indirect route from India to Canada for Canadian citizens?

Safest Indirect route from India to Canada for Canadian Citizens – It is not only the Students or work visa holders who are stuck, there are many Canadian citizens who want to travel to Canada 🙂 The irony is that Canada is only accepting RTPCR tests done in Delhi, which makes no sense for people travelling from Sothern or the western part of India.

Safest Indirect route from India to Canada for Canadian citizens?

The Canadian Ban is not on any nationality, it is on RTPCR test reports from India as there were few incidences that forced Canada to take this decision.

Can Canadian Citizens fly direct from India to Canada during Travel ban ?

Do Canadian Citizens get additional benefits while choosing 3rd country routes?

Yes Correct, there will obviously be differences as there are many countries that give On -Arrival entry for Canadian citizens where Indian citizens are forced to apply for pre-Visa.

Which is the most preferred route for Canadian passport holders to travel from India to Canada during the travel Ban situation?

Although, rules for all the routes are changing rapidly but still for Canadian Citizens flying from India there are many potential routes that could be safer. We would recommend getting experts advice.

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  1. Jay

    Hi I and my son are Canadian citizens . We came to India because the death of my mom who was in India at that time. We wish to leave by 20th to 30th aug via the indirect route to Canada. Both of us are fully vaccinated and have never been COVID +. We want to know the safest indirect one way travel to Canada.

    1. Paul

      France seems to be good option for Canadian Citizen and fully vaccinated as there is no quarantine required

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