Is Air India becoming worse?

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Air India is under scrutiny following a recent incident at Pune Airport, where passengers, including senior citizen Mrs. Sudarshan, faced significant disruptions and missed flights due to alleged mismanagement by the airline’s staff.

Mrs. Sudarshan, who arrived at the airport at 5:30 am for a 6:40 am flight, recounted her ordeal. Initially queued up for the entry check, she and others were redirected to the Digi Yatri line by Air India staff member. Uncomfortable with digital processes, Mrs. Sudarshan sought clarification, and despite expressing her lack of Digi Yatri knowledge, she was assured that anyone could use it.

Upon reaching the Digi Yatri line, Mrs. Sudarshan discovered the mandatory digital process, facing difficulties as the staff struggled to retrieve her Air India booking. After spending 15 minutes on this futile attempt, she was asked to return to the regular lane, now overcrowded and chaotic.

Inside the airport, the mismanagement continued as Air India staff added to the confusion. Unaware of whether tickets were for Air India or Air India Express, they forced senior citizens, including Mrs. Sudarshan and her husband, to switch lines multiple times. The situation reached a climax at the counter, where they were informed that their flight had departed 10 minutes early, leaving them stranded without assistance.

Adding to the frustration, the airline staff claimed that Air India did not fall under the Digi Yatri system, contradicting an email from the airline itself instructing passengers to download the Digi Yatri app. Mrs. Sudarshan expressed her dismay, stating that this was the worst-managed airline process she had ever experienced.

The incident raises concerns about the state of Air India’s services after its acquisition. Despite expectations of improvement, passengers are now questioning whether the airline’s services are worsening rather than getting better. With more than 10 people simultaneously missing their flights, the need for Air India to address these issues and enhance customer experience is becoming increasingly urgent.

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