Should tourists be worried about the volcanic eruption in Iceland ?

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Should tourists be worried about the volcanic eruption in Iceland? Well, this question lies in the minds of everyone who has booked their holidays to Europe. To understand better, let us get into the depths of this.

About the Expected impact of the Volcanic eruption

Iceland is prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes due to its location. The island has seen many similar incidences in the recent past. Most of those were in isolated areas, unlike this, as it is near the localities. Does that mean it is deadly? Well, no, it surely is not.Even if it erupts, it will effect the nearby areas, and Icelandic atrocities have already evacuated people from there. So there is no chance that you will be in the Lava range if you end up in Iceland at that time.

Yes, earthquakes are haunting the local people, but those will be there for the next few days, until the volcano stabilizes itself.

Ash and Smog Impact of the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Recent history tells us that whenever there is a volcanic eruption, human life does not become a concern; aviation becomes an issue. It is because the flight engines cannot work in the air with smog. We remember there was a volcanic eruption in Bali, Indonesia, and no one was hurt, but the concern was the loss of the tourism industry because the airport was off for 48–72 hours. Flights were cancelled and rescheduled.

Should tourists be worried about the volcanic eruption in Iceland ?

Well if you have booked a Holiday to Iceland this week, and you are in Dilemma if you should travel or not. Ask this to yourself that if you get stuck in Iceland because of flight cancellation for 3-4 days, will you be ok with that ? I dont think that of you are out of volcano’s range, you should be worried. There is an advisory issued by UK and Irish Government that tourists should not visit that particular town, however they have not asked travellers to get in to Iceland.

If you have booked a holiday for countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland Denmark etc, you should not be worried. The only Impact you could face is the flight reschedule and that too in the worst case. Say if you are having a tour in December or January – just stop reading about, it is not going to put any impact. This media hype should be ignored. Also. don’t forget to get a travel insurance before you travel to any part of the world.

Should tourists be worried about the volcanic eruption in Iceland ? No yhe distance between Iceland and other countries of Europe is much.

Also one has to remember that Iceland is an Island country which too far in the sea from Norway, Sweden, Finland, London etc. So the matter of the fact is if the Valcano is erupting in Iceland, it is not going to impact some physically in Finland. Earthquakes are also usually limited to the volcanic area only .


The real and the simple conclusion here is that if you are travelling to Iceland, hope that it does not erupt, and if you are travelling to nearby countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden etc, hope that it does not erupt and your flight does not get rescheduled. Keep an insurance.

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