Direct vs Indirect flights to Canada from India!

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Today, when we are writing this article travel to Canada has changed its shape to an extent. Around August last year in 2021 when India was hit by travel bans, travellers only option was Indirect route. However, things have changed now and a direct flight from Delhi is operating. We are writing this article to put in front the comparison between direct vs indirect flights to Canada from India.

About Restrcitions on travel from India to Canada

To Understand the comparison, it is required to be clear about the restrictions. Things have changed in the recent past and it is very important to understand the chronology first. Also readWill Canada close the border again due to Omicron?

About restrictions on direct flights from India to Canada

Initially, due to the Delta wave of Covid in 2021, Indians were not allowed to travel from India to Canada in a direct flight. This ban basically was not on Indian nationals or on the people who were travelling from India. The RTPCR tests taken from India was not considered valid by Canada at that time.

As per the Canadian Govt, the RTPCR negative test report in India can be obtained easily by paying money. To put a stop to these fake RTPCR test reports, the Canadian govt implemented the rule as per which –

If someone wanted to travel from India to Canada, they were taking RTPCR test reports from the other country and then they were allowed to enter Canada.

Indirect routes to Canada

This rule gave birth to Indirect routes to Canada, which is being used till now.

Current Restrictions on direct flights from India to Canada

As per the current restrictions, Indians are allowed to board the direct flight to Canada but with many restrictions as below –

  • The only accepted COVID-19 molecular tests are an RT-PCR test or a rapid PCR test that must be taken no more than 18 hours before you depart in Air Canada flight to Canada from the COVID-19 Testing Centre & Lounge across from Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.
  • The cut-off time to complete the COVID-19 test is 10 hours for an RT-PCR test or 6 hours for a rapid PCR test before the scheduled departure time.
  • International travellers must also be fully vaccinated with one of the approved vaccines authorized by the Government of Canada. They include Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty, Moderna SpikeVax, AstraZeneca Vaxzevria or Covishield, Johnson & Johnson Janssen, Covaxin.

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Direct vs Indirect flights to Canada from India!

If you are reading this article and you are on this page, it means you are looking for a budgeted and safest option to travel to Canada from India. You must have explored the direct and indirect flights options to Canada. We have been working on these Indirect route itineraries for a year. We have seen the ups and downs of the Zig Zag journey of travellers in the recent past. As per our experience, we will be jotting down the merits and the demerits on basis of experience.

Merits of Direct flights to Canada from India

  • Short Journey time
  • No requirement of doing back to back RTPCR tests (From India and then from other country)
  • Less risk in case of changes in govt policies
  • Less Chances of Being Contracted with virus on the way

Demerits of Direct flights from India to Canada

  • One can fly only from Delhi Airport
  • RTPCR test has to be done only at Delhi Airport and no other lab in the country
  • Very Less or no Availabilities
  • Very expensive if avaiable
  • Air Canada and Air India’s refund back policies are not good in market (If in case of rule change)
  • Less Flexibity of dates

Merits of Indirect flights to Canada from India

  • One can have flexibility of dates
  • One can also have flexibility of cities to fly from India
  • It usually is less expensive than the direct flights
  • Other country experience

DeMerits of Indirect flights to Canada from India

  • Long Durations of Journey
  • Back to Back RTPCR tests are conducted
  • More risk in case of change govt policies

Conclusion between Direct flight Vs Indirect flight

It is very evident that if one gets a direct flight to travel to Canada then they should consider themselves lucky. However, not everyone is lucky in this world and other factors like cost play an important role. As per the current situation where direct flights are coming too expensive and that too with so many conditions, indirect routes are still proving to be saviours. One should check for both options and go for the best.

Lestacworld Holiday Planners is not only providing direct and indirect flight options, we are also providing information to people like you. We are writing blogs about international travel and indirect route possibilities and we believe many people have been benefitted from this.

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