With a proven track record of excellence in the Australian, New Zealand, and European markets, Lestac Nora Bali is now dedicated to delivering top-tier B2B services tailored specifically for the Indian market.
Unlocking a world of unparalleled travel experiences, Lestac Nora Bali brings the essence of Bali's beauty and charm directly to Indian travel agents. From stunning landscapes to vibrant culture, our Bali DMC services are designed to elevate every aspect of your clients' journeys, ensuring unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

Bali DMC in India

Balakrishnan and his family enjoy a boat ride in Jakarta with a group during their Jakarta tour package from India.
Exploring Jakarta's Waterways: Balakrishnan and family enjoying a boat ride as part of their Jakarta tour package from India

Jakarta tour package from India

When my wife and I decided to embark on Jakarta tour package from India to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Indonesia, we knew we were in for a remarkable adventure.

Seats of Vietjet airlines aircraft
The leg room on Vietjet airlines is still bearable, but if you sit on the seats for very long, you could get the impression that you're being trapped.

Vietjet Airlines review

If you are planning to travel somewhere in a Vietjet airlines and you wonder, what will be the quality of your Journey then you have landed on the right page. I am writing this article on the basis of my own experience flying from Mumbai to Ho chi Minh and to Bali, Indonesia (DPS)

Bali food Prices
Bali food Prices

Bali food prices

Are you Planning a trip and are concerned about the Bali food prices? Well in this informative article we will try to put some light on the expenses of food you will have to bare while you are in Bali. Most tourists have an impression that Bali is cheap, it might prove to be true or false depending on the spending capacity of the individual. Bali food prices have no doubt increased in the past few years which is similar to the inflation trend that is happening around the world.

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