Kaziranga National park safari online Booking

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Kaziranga national park is one of the significant wildlife territories for India. The Kaziranga national park is famous for one horn Indian Rhino among other huge creatures like elephants. Tourists who travel to the northeast for vacations surely include this destination on their holiday itinerary. Kaziranga is also rich in culture which also attracts voyagers to know more about it. Kaziranga national park safari online booking is possible and can be done smoothly.

Kaziranga National park safari online booking

The online booking of Kaziranga safari can be done very smoothly with certain terms and conditions.

Kaziranga National park safari online Booking
Kaziranga National park safari online Booking
Kaziranga national park Eastern range safari online booking
Kaziranga national park central range safari online booking
All Jeep Safaris of Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National park is divided into 3 ranges as above. The western range safari, eastern range safari and Central range Safari.

Agaratoli (Eastern) Range:Eastern side of the Kaziranga National Park along the national highway is Agaratoli Range. One Jeep Safari conveyance is permitted here. It is a remarkable location for wildlife shutterbugs. Book Eastern range Kaziranga safari online

Bagori (Western) Range: Bagori Ecotourism Range of the KNP is also understood for most suitable wildlife seeing. The area has stunning & beautiful typography with a number of wildlife species and luxuriant foliage. The existence of water inside the Bagori draws animals to slake their thrust. Most of the creatures such as Rhino, Tiger and additional species can be effortlessly sighted.

  • Jeep for Western Range Safari– Just like other safaris, for Western range, one has to hire a jeep. But that is not the only option. However Jeep has the permission to get inside the park in the morning as well as evening lot. But the exit has to be made before sunset any how. Book Western range Kaziranga Jeep Safari online
  • Elepahnt or Western range safari – For Western range, there is an additional option and that is elephant ride. The ride duration is usually of around 1 hour. The domestic Elephants can only gove you ride in the morning in 2 slots. These slots are 5-6 AM slot and 6-7 Am slot. Book western range Kaziranga Elephant Safari Online

Kohora (Central) Range:The Central Zone in the Kaziranga National Park is one of the core areas of the park and the preferred zone for Jeep and Elephant rides. The chance of witnessing Tiger, One-Horned-Rhinos, Wild buffalo and Swap Deer is here. book central range Kaziranga Safari Online

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Geographical Location of Kaziranga national park safari

Kaziranga national park falls in the state of Assam which is the land of tea and silk. Kaziranga is around 200 km from the state capital Guwahati. Tourists usually club Meghalaya with Assam in their holiday itineraries. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong which is around 250 km from Kaziranga national park. As Kaziranga national park booking can be done online, tourists usually plan their travel with these locations on their bucket list with flexibility.

Important destinations around Karanga National Park Safari

One horn Indian Rhino in Kaziranga National park safari

Though Kaziranga national park is also famous for Elephants, deers and Wild buffaloes, however, one horn Rhino is the speciality of it. There are more than 2500 rhinos in this park which is the highest anywhere around the world. There used to be 3 species of Rhinos in this territory however it has been reduced to only 1 now. The rhinos are under threat due to poaching activities in the park for which park authorities are alert and security measures are quite strict. The horn of this species of Rhino is said to be more expensive than gold. Also, it is assumed that this horn is very useful in curing diseases like cancer.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kaziranga National Park Safari

Is it possible to Book Kaziranga National park safari online?

Yes, it is possible to book Kaziranga National park safari online. One can visit www. lestacworld.com and make the booking online.

Are cameras allowed in the Kaziranga national park safari?

Yes, a Camera is allowed in Kaziranga national park Safari, however, there are charges as below –

If you are carrying a video camera and still camera along with Jeep/Elephant inside of the forest during the safari, then you would have to pay extra directly on the spot. Basis amount as Video Camera INR 1000 per person & SteelCamera INR 200 per person.

What is the entry cost of a child for the Kaziranga national park safari?

The cost of a child who is 4 years and above is treated as an adult. Anyone below this age limit is complementary if accompanying someone in a Jeep. There should be a space left in the jeep for the child.

Are there homestays available near the Kaziranga jeep safari?

Though few homestays are available in Kaziranga national park, however, it is recommended to stay in camps. These camps with a national park jeep safari are like icing on the cake for wildlife lovers.

Is a Vegetarian meal easily available in Kaziranga?

Kaziranga Orchid national park is around 25 km from the safari area. There one can get good vegetarian as well as cultural food like black rice.

Is there any other thing to do in Kaziranga than safari?

If you have already done the safari and is looking for something else to do then you should visit Kaziranga national orchid cultural park. This is really an impeccable place and will give you knowledge about the culture of the northeast.

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