Argentina match dates in Fifa world cup 2022
Argentina match dates in Fifa world cup 2022

Argentina Match schedule in Fifa world cup 2022

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Argentina Match schedule in Fifa world cup 2022 – There are billions of football fans dreaming to watch Fifa world cup matches of their favourite team “Argentina and Lionel Messi. Argentina is no doubt the most loveable team around the world. It is because of the soccer superheroes it has produced. Argentina as a team has shown its magic several times. Please download the match schedule here.

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Argentina Match schedule in Fifa world cup 2022

Though the fixture as per the team is not yet decided however if we understand the chronology of the fixtures we can easily figure out the date range in which particular matches of teams will be played.

Fifa world cup match schedule

Match No.Date of MatchesVSStarting time of the matchStadium
1November 21Senegal v the Netherlands 1.00 pmAl Thumama Stadium 
3November 21Qatar v Ecuador 7:00 pmAl Bayt Stadium 
2November 21England v Iran4:00 pmKhalifa InternaHonal Stadium 
4November 21USA v Wales/Scotland/Ukraine 1:00 pMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium 
8November 22Argentina v Saudi Arabia 01:00 pmLusail Stadium
7November 22Mexico v Poland 7:00 pmStadium974
6November 22Denmark Vs Tunisia4:00 pmEducation City Stadium
5November 22France vs Peru/Uae/Australia10:00 pmAl Janoub Stadium
12November 23Germany vs Japan4.00 pmKhalifa International Stadium
11November 23Spain Vs Costa Rica/NewZealand7:00 pmAl Thumama Stadium 
10November 23Morocco v Croatia1:00 PmAl Bayt Stadium 
9November 24Belgium Vs Canada10:00 pmAhmad Bin Ali Stadium 
16November 25Switzerland v Cameroon 1:00 pmAl Janoub Stadium (1 pm) 
15November 24Brazil vs Serbia10:00 pmLusail Stadium 
14November 24Uruguay v South Korea 4:00 pmEducation City Stadium
13November 25Portugal v Ghana 3.30 pmAl Janoub Stadium
20November 25Qatar v Senegal 4.00 pmAl Thumama Stadium 
19November 25Netherlands v Ecuador 7:00 pmKhalifa International Stadium
18November 25Wales/Scotland/Ukraine v Iran 1:00 pmAhmad Bin Ali Stadium 
17November 25England v the USA  10:00 pmAl Bayt Stadium,
24November 26Poland v Saudi Arabia 04:00 Pmeducation City Stadium 
23November 26Argentina v Mexico 10:00 pmLusail Stadium 
22November 26Tunisia v Peru/UAE/Australia 1:00 pmAl Janoub Stadium 
21November 26France v Denmark 7.00 pmStadium 974 
28November 27Japan v Costa Rica/New Zealand 1.00 pmAhmad Bin Ali Stadium 
27November 27Spain v Germany 10:00 pmAl Bayt Stadium 
26November 27Belgium v Morocco 4:00 pmAl Thumama Stadium 
25November 27Croatia v Canada 7:00 pmKhalifa InternaHonal Stadium 
32November 28Cameroon v Serbia 1:00 pmLusail Stadium
31November 28Brazil v Switzerland 9:30 pmStadium 974 
30November 28South Korea v Ghana 4:00 pmEducation City Stadium
29November 28Portugal v Uruguay 10.00 pmLusail Stadium 
36November 29Netherlands v Qatar 7.00 pmAl Bayat Stadium
35November 29Ecuador v Senegal 7:00 pmKhalifa International Stadium
34November 29Iran v the USA 10:00 pmStadium 974 
33November 29Wales/Scotland/Ukraine v England 10:00 pmAhmad Bin Ali Stadium 
40November 30Poland v Argentina 10:00 pmLusail Stadium
39November 30Saudi Arabia v Mexico 10:00 pmLusail Stadium 
38November 30Peru/UAE/Australia v Denmark7:00 pmAl Janoub Stadium 
37November 30Tunisia v France7.00 pmeducation City Stadium
44December 1Japan v Spain 10.00 pmKhalifa InternaHonal Stadium
43December 1Costa Rica/New Zealand v Germany 10:00 pmAl Bayt Stadium  
42December 1Croatia v Belgium 7:00 pmAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
41December 1Canada v Morocco 07:00 PmAl Thumama Stadium
48December 2Serbia v Switzerland10:00 PmStadium 974
47December 2Cameroon v Brazil 10:00 pmLusail Stadium
46December 2Ghana v Uruguay 7:00 pmAl Janoub Stadium 
45December 2South Korea v Portugal 7.00 pmeducation City Stadium 
49December 3Group A winner v Group B runner-up 7:00 pmKhalifa International Stadium
50December 3Group C winner v Group D runner-up 10:30 pmAhmad Bin Ali Stadium 
51December 4Group B winner v Group A runner-up 10:00 pmAl Bayat Stadium
52December 4Group D winner v Group C runner-up 7:00 pmAl Thumama Stadium
54December 5Group E winner v Group F runner-up 7:00 PmAl Janoub Stadium 
53December 5Group G winner v Group H runner-up 10:00 pmStadium 947 
56December 6Group F winner v Group E runner-up 07:00 pmeducation City Stadium 
55December 6Group H winner v Group G runner-up 10:00 pmLusail Stadium 
57December 10W49 vs W5010:30 pmLusail Stadium 
58December 9W53 vs W547:00 pmEducation City Stadium
59December 10W51 vs W5210:00 pmAl Bayat Stadium
60December 10W55 vs W567:00 pmAl Thumama Stadium
61December 13W57 vs W5810:00 pmLusail Stadium
62December 15W59 vs W6010:00 pmAl Bayat Stadium
63December 17L61 vs L627:00 pmKhalifa International Stadium
64December 18W61 vs W627:00 pmLusail Stadium
Fifa World Cup match schedule

Argentina match fixtures in 2022?

MatchDate of MatchArgentina vsTimeStadium
8November 22Argentina v Saudi Arabia1:00 pmLusail Stadium
23November 26Argentina v Mexico10:00 pmLusail Stadium 
40November 30Poland v Argentina10:00 pmStadium 974 
Argentina match Schedule in Fifa world cup
How many teams will participate in the Fifa world cup matches in 2022?

32 teams will play in the Fifa world cup 2022.

How many groups of teams will be made in the group stage of the FIFA world cup 2022?

There will be 8 groups with 4 teams in each group in the Fifa world cup 2022.

How many matches will be played in the group stage by each team in the Fifa world cup 2022?

Every team will play 3 matches each in the group stage of the Fifa world cup 2022.

On which date the First group stage match of Argentina will be played in the Fifa world cup 2022?

The first match of Argentina in the FIFA world cup 2022 will be played in the date range of 21st Nov 2022 to 24th Nov 2022.

On which date the second group stage match of Argentina will be played in the Fifa world cup 2022?

The second match against Argentina in the FIFA world cup 2022 will be played between 25th Nov to 28th Nov 2022.

On which date the 3rd group stage match of Argentina will be played in the Fifa world cup 2022?

The 3rd group stage match of Argentina in the Fifa world cup 2022 will be played in the date range of 29th Nov to 2 Dec 2022.

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