Albania tour package from India

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Albania tour package from India.- Albania is one of very few European countries that give On- arrival visas to Indians. Albania is a Balkan country located in Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula. It is a beautiful country with a War history. Albania now has very strong allies with the USA.

Though Indians have not explored this small European country much, however in 2021 there was a rise in the number of Indian visitors. Albanian govt is issuing On – Arrival visas to Indians for the purpose of tourism in the country. Albania is a country of culture, mountains, history and people :).

Albania tour PackagesNights Package Price
Per Person
Package Price Per Perosn
5 Nights 6 days Albania Tour package5 Nights 6 days700 USDPackage details
Albania food tour package7 Nights 8 days750 USDPackage details
Albania folk dance tour package10 Nights 11 days1100 USDPackage details
4 nights 5 days Albania tour package4 Nights 5 days700 USDPackage details
Albania tour packages

Inclusions in Albania tour package from India

Albania tour package from India.

Hotels In Albania tour package

Albania is a beautiful country with a developing infrastructure. One may get standard hotels starting from the category of 2* to 5*. The capital of Albania is Tirana where Airport also exists. Most of the time one will prefer having a stay in Tirana which is quite beautifully equipped with good category hotels.

The popular Hotels in Tirana among tourists are –

  • The Plaza
  • Rogner Hotel Tirana
  • Deluxe Hotel Tirana
  • White Crown Hotel
  • Mondial Hotel

Flights from India to Albania

The first thing one would want to check before booking a package is flights. Flight from India to Albania are pretty much there. However, these will not be direct but manageable. Most of the time there will be layovers in Middle eastern or European countries. India to Albania will almost be an 8-9 hours flight journey along with the layovers.

Airports from India from where there are good flights to Albania

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Ahmadabad

Airlines that usually operate between India and Tirana, Albania

  • Lufthansa
  • Emirates
  • Etihad

RTPCR test in Albania tour package

Nowadays RTPCR test has become very much important for any travel. If one is seeking to travel to Albania, an RTPCR test should be planned. In Albania, RTPCR tests can be done from Airport as well as in the city. At the airport, the RTPCR test result comes in 120 minutes. Tourists find it an awesome option at the airport generally.

The cost of the RTPCR test usually is almost around 70-90 Euros in Albania.

Cab transfers in Albania tour package

Cab transfers will again be a very important factor in your tour of Albania. Be it airport transfers or intercity transfers. It is always better to have a chauffeur other than a self-drive car in a new country where language can be a constraint. & are having very good tie-ups with the transportation facilities in Albania.

Covid Situation in Albania

The covid situation in Albania is quite controlled. We have never seen deadly waves in Alania however there were a few days when cases were on the rise. Albania was always kept open for Indians for tourism even when India was suffering from deadly waves.

Frequently asked questions on Albania Tour Packages from India

Do Indians need visas to travel to Albania for tourism purposes?

No, Indians do not need visas to travel to Albania for tourism purposes however they can get entry on the spot. In 2021 Albanian govt implemented the visa-free policy which is valid till Dec, however, expectations are that it will be extended.

What documents are required for an Albania tourist visa?

The documents required for an Albania tourist visa are. –
a)Return/onward e-ticket
b)Hotel Booking
c)RTPCR test or Vaccination certificate (Vaccines approved by WHO)

Is USD easily acceptable in Albania?

No, USD is not easily acceptable in Albania. Though it can be exchanged very easily at forex centres you won’t be able to barter it easily in local shops or malls.

What is the cost of the RTPCR test in Albania?

The cost of the RTPCR test in Albania for tourists is around 70 -90 euros. The RTPCR test data is linked with the govt system. Tourists may also get the test done at Belgrade Airport, the result of which is given in 120 minutes.

Is Albania a good destination for a Honeymoon?

Albania is a good destination for a honeymoon or not, totally depends on one’s personal choices. Albania is a beautiful country with a vast history and picturesque landscapes. Couples expecting Bikini, beach or chilling mountains should not opt for Albania.

What is the best itinerary for Albania?

Day 1 – Arrival at Tirana airport
Day 2 – Explore Berat on this day
Day 3 – Himare
Day 4 – Ksamil & Butrint
Day 5- Gjirokaster
Day 6 – Korce
Day 7 – Tirana
Day 8 – Departure from Tirana airport to India

Can Albania be clubbed with other destinations in a Holiday itinerary?

Yes, Albania can be clubbed with Serbia or Romania in an itinerary. If one is especially looking for Arrival countries for Indians then Albania and Serbia are the best options for a holiday package.

Best time to visit Albania for the Holidays?

The best time to visit Albania for a tour package is from March to May and then starting from September to October is also considered good.

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