You can’t drive from Dubai to Doha during World Cup

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Many fans will visit Doha for the FIFA World Cup, which begins on November 20th.Most of the fans from outside Qatar will be flying to the country during world cup seasons. However, fans from border countries were planning to visit Qatar by road. If we make an effort to comprehend the geographical borders of the nation, we realize that it is possible to travel from various locations to Doha, Qatar, in order to attend FIFA matches there. For example, from Dubai to Doha, it is around a 6-hour journey. This is a manageable distance for someone who, for whatever reason, finds flying to be an uncomfortable experience. But, unfortunately, as per the new update, you can’t drive from Dubai to Doha during the World Cup. The same with Saudi Arabia

Why You can’t drive from Dubai to Doha during World Cup

The driving regulations in Qatar have just been updated. If you are entering the nation by car, you are required to park on the Saudi side of the Abu Samra land border, which is the land border that connects Saudi Arabia with Qatar, and then take a free shuttle bus into Doha.

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There is a parking facility, pre booking of which starts from 15 October.

In addition to this information, the Supreme Committee said that the GCC air shuttle service would fly 94 round-trip flights each day for the duration of the competition.

The Doha International Airport will serve as the destination for all shuttle flights. In the future, passengers coming on flights from outside the GCC will continue to be served by Hamad International Airport.

Car rental options till Saudi – Qatar Border

Even though fans are only allowed to drive till Abu Samra land border, many are still interested in driving the way. It is always said, you can only see clouds when you fly, but you see life when you drive. There are many road travellers ho are still excited about their road journey and free shuttle experience till Doha.

We have had a discussion with few locals, who usually use this portal to check and compare the prices.