Seychelles Tour packages from India

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Seychelles is a small country on the Indian ocean. The Population of Seychelles is around 99000. The economic backbone is tourism in Seychelles. Seychelles as a destination is popular in India however, it gets overtaken by the Maldives. have been working on Seychelles Tour packages from India for a decade. In this article, we are going to discuss Seychelles as a destination for Indians. It is also very important to do the comparison of Seychelles with other famous destinations that Indians love to travel to.

Seychelles Tour packages from India

Seychelles from a Point of view of an Indian traveller

On the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is made up of more than 100 small inhabited and uninhabited islands. The important 3 islands in Seychelles are –

  • Mahe
  • Praslin
  • La Digue

If you are booking a Seychelles tour package from India, you are most likely to get accommodated in one of these 3 islands. Mahe is one of the biggest islands where the airport is also located. The capital city ” Victoria” consists of many beach hotels and resorts where usually Indian food is also not an issue in Seychelles. Praslin is an island where you will get to see the world’s largest nuts :). It is again famous for its beaches and water. La Digue is an island where you will see beautiful resorts built. The beaches of the Island are truly awesome. Most tourists love to visit or stay in La Digue.

Indians in Seychelles

Seychelles is a country with diverse cultures and nationalities. It got its independence from the United Kingdom, however, it got influenced by the British and French cultures. After the local Seychelles inhabitants, Indians are second-highest in numbers there. Almost 5% that is around 5000 Indians are living in Seychelles. The other main nationalities are Chinese and the Philippines.

Religion in Seychelles

The main religion in Seychelles is Roman Catholic Christians. You would be surprised to know that Hinduism second major religion in Seychelles followed by Muslims. There are Hindu temples which should be a must in your itinerary of the Seychelles tour packages.

Food options for you while you are on the Seychelles tour in a package from India

Usually, Seychelles is famous for its seafood and also french cuisine. But many don’t know that there is a good number of Indian restaurants in Seychelles. The Indian food in Seychelles is very easily accessible. Comparing it with prices in India, one might find it expensive. One does not have to worry about vegetarian food while they are on Seychelles tour packages from INDIA.

Flights from India to Seychelles for a holiday tour package

From India, there are no direct flights to Seychelles. One will have to take a layover either in Dubai, Sri Lanka or Ethiopia to land at Mahe Airport. The only reason not many people visit the beautiful island is the lack of convenient and economical flight options.

Airlines that you can consider in the Seychelles tour packages from India

  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Sri Lankan Airlines
  • Etihad Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines

Seychelles tourist visa for Indians

While the world continues to experience the COVID-19 pandemic, Seychelles remains open to visitors all over the
world, irrespective of their vaccination status. As a safe tourism experience remains essential, measures and protocols have been put in place to protect the population and visitors.

Indian citizens visiting Seychelles do not require a visa to enter the country. However, as a tourist, you must still acquire a permit from the country’s immigration department after reaching the island nation. This permit remains valid for 30 days after its issuance and can be extended for up to 3 months from its date of issuance.

However, travellers need to possess at least $150 per day for the duration of their stay in Seychelles on a per-person basis to become eligible for a Seychelles travel permit.

Covid Requirements for Seychelles tour package from India

PCR testing is not required routinely to depart Seychelles. However, your airline or final destination may require it. PCR test facilities are available on the three (3) main islands namely Mahe, Praslin and La Digue to visitors prior to departure. Visitors requiring the test should contact the Public Health Authority at least a week in advance at the email address or telephone +248 4388410 to make the necessary arrangements. The PCR test currently costs SCR2, 500.00 per test. Effective as of 24th May 2021, children below the age of 12 years and persons of 63 years and above will also be charged the same fee for the PCR tests.
Two Private Health Service Providers (Euro Medical and Seychelles Medical) offer on-site sample collection and PCR tests at a cost. The contact detail for Euro Medical Tel: + 2484324999 or + 2482715763, website for additional information ishttps://covid.euromedical.infoand the contact detail for Seychelles Medical +2484366999 and their website for additional information are Please refer to the link or additional private medical services.
However, testing is still being done through the government laboratory at the Seychelles Public Health laboratory of
the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health accredits all PCR tests administered in Seychelles.

What is the best time to Visit Seychelles from India for Honeymoon

There are basically 3 seasons in Seychelles –

  • The Dry Season
  • The Wet Season
  • The Humid Season

June – October is the Dry Season in Seychelles. It is also the pleasant one. It usually is a good time to visit Seychelles and do water sports activities. Also for other nationalities, it is considered to be the lowest season. The prices of hotels and resorts will be the cheapest in the month of June and July.

November to March is the wet season in Seychelles. It is said to be wet however, is also the nicest season. December is also the peak season for tourism and is quite expensive.

April – May is the humid time in Seychelles. Though the temperature does not go above 33 degrees, however in coastal areas it can become quite humid.

Maldives vs Seychelles holiday packages from India

Seychelles Maldives
Seychelles does not have any direct flights from IndiaThe Maldives is very easily accessible from India. Direct flights are there.
Seychelles has 3 major tourist islands with a few Island resorts on the bucket list.The Maldives is having few major inhabited islands and many individual islands where there are only tourist resorts built.
Seychelles offers Visa on Arrival to IndiansThe Maldives also offers Visa on Arrival for Indians
Seychelles is influenced by western culture. The British and French cultures exist.Though the Maldives is a Muslim country, however, it is also under the western influence in some ways.
Seychelles tour packages from India start from Rs 150000 per person with flights.Maldives tour packages from India start as low as Rs 50000 per person including flights
Seychelles is more about tours, activities, local culture and beaches.The Maldives is more about Leisure time in luxury resorts.
Seychelles is almost double the size of Maldives, however, the population is only around 1lkhs.The population of Maldives is more than 4 lakhs.
Indian food is easily accessible in SeychellesDepending on the Island resort one is booking in the package.
Seychelles VS the Maldives

Tours around Victoria, Mahe that can be done in the Seychelles holiday package

  • Pierre Poivre
  • National History Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Clock Tower
  • State House
  • Post Office
  • Kreolor
  • Police Head Quarters Station
  • Hindu Temple
  • Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Victoria Market
  • Cathedral / La Domus
  • Largest Bus Terminal
  • Voice of the Nation / Peace Park
  • Freedom Square
  • Bicentennial Monument
  • Marine Charter
  • National Archives
  • Unity Monument

Gardens in Seychelles that can be visited while on tour

  • Botanical Garden
  • Stone Seat Dedicated to Paul Rivalz Dupont
  • Guangzhou Chinese Garden
  • Thai Garden with the Unique El Coco Feature
  • Japan-Seychelles Friendship Monument
  • Spice garden

Other Important spots to visit while on the Seychelles holiday package

  • Beau-Vallon Beach, the Largest beach in Seychelles
  • Eden Islandfor Semi Dubmarine, Glass Bottom and Yacht Hiring
  • Eden island view Point in Seychelles
  • Tea Factory
  • Waterfalls
  • Craft Village
  • Rum Distillery

Some beautiful hotels & resorts for the Seychelles tour package from India

  • Ephelia Hotel West Coast of Seychelles
  • Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Kempinski Seychelles Resort
  • Villa Aya

Seychelles Tour packages from India

Seychelles Holiday packages including flights Starting Cost per person
3 Nights Seychelles Holiday packagesINR 90000
4 Nights Seychelles tour packagesINR 110000
5 Nights Seychelles Holiday packageINR 130000
6 Nights Seychelles Holiday PackageINR 150000
Seychelles Holiday packages

Important things to know about the Seychelles Holiday package

Will Euro be acceptable in Seychelles?

Yes, Euro is easily acceptable in Seychelles. You can either carry SCR which is Indian currency or Euro to have a smooth tour. Cards are also generally acceptable almost everywhere in Seychelles.

What is the current time in Seychelles?

If you are in India, then you are 1:30 hours ahead of Seychelles presently. Say if it is 4:00 PM in India, then it will be 2:30 PM in Seychelles.

Do I need any vaccination to travel to Seychelles?

First of all Covid 19 vaccination is mandatory, however, if the person had been in the yellow fever infected areas in the last 6 days, then yellow fever vaccination is required.

What is the best time to do underwater activities in Seychelles?

The best month to do underwater activities in Seychelles is the month of April and May. It is the dry season these days.

Where I can do insurance to travel to Seychelles from India?

You can do travel insurance on the portal for the Seychelles holiday package.

Which are the peak seasons for Seychelles?

October and December are the peak seasons of Seychelles. Usually, the cost of the Seychelles holiday package is too high in this period.

Which is the lowest season in Seychelles?

The lowest season in Seychelles is the month of June and July. One can get good discounts on Seychelles holiday packages in these months.

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