RTPCR test in Dubai

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RTPCR test in Dubai is one of the most essential elements nowadays if one is socially active. Especially if you are travelling you will have to give your samples every time. Dubai is the biggest junction of flights between Asia, Europe and the American continent. Although when one enters Dubai, on arrival they get tested. However, that is not always enough and you need to get tested in Dubai to do many other important things. Also if one wants to fly from Dubai to another country, one is more likely to require an RTPCR test report.

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RTPCR test in Dubai

RT-PCRstands for Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction test – RT-PCR test is believed a benchmark for interpreting COVID-19 in the Dubai. The screening is performed by levying a nasal swab. This process is a real-time inspection to catch SARS-CoV-2 congenital material or RNA from a individual’s upper and more subordinate respiratory illustrations.

Can i make Advance booking for RTPCR test in Dubai ?

Yes, Advance booking can be made through us for RTPCR test in Dubai. One can click on the green button above and contact our executive to schedule the booking of the RTPCR test. We have tie ups with below payment gateway merchants-

  • Razorpay
  • Open Pay
  • Pay Pal

Will i have to visit Lab for getting tested for RTPCR

No, it is not required to visit lab . One can share the slot timing with the executives for which the booking will be made. It should be noted that once the booking is made for the slot then it cannot be changed again.The medical executive will visit hotel room and take sample in your room only.

How much time it takes for the result to come after sample

It depends on the test variant you will be choosing. We have 2 different versions of RTPCR test in Dubai as below –

Test report in 12 hours INR 4500
Test report in 24 Hours INR 3200
RTPCR test cost in Dubai

How will I receive the report?

Once the report is generated it will be sent on mail id with which it was registered. If one would want a hard copy of the report the n one will have to visit the lab.

Will this RTPCR test report be valid for International travel

Yes, the RTPCR test report generated will be Valid for international travel. It will be as per the guidelines of WHO. The QR will be embedded on the report which will make it easy to be validated.

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