India to Nairobi, Kenya Via Qatar

Please be noted – As per Indian authorities, if your flight is under Air Bubble, then you should have a return ticket and you are expected to come back to India. We request you to please obey all the guidelines issued by the Indian govt and that should never be breached.

Wef 2nd August 12:00 Noon anyone travelling to Qatar for tourism even if Vaccinated will have to go through 10 Nights Mandatory hotel Quarantine

India to Nairobi, Kenya Via Qatar – Kenya has closed its doors for Indians due to the threat of the Covid 19 Delta variant. It was first found in India and is quite dangerous. It made Kenya Ban direct flights from India to Nairobi, Kenya through the indirect way to Kenya is still open for Indians. One has to spend 14 nights in a country that is on the green list of Kenya and they will allow you to be in 🙂

India to Nairobi, Kenya Via Qatar

From 12th July onwards Qatar started accepting direct flights from India. Only vaccinated travellers can enter Qatar which gave hope to the people who want to get back to Nairobi, Kenya 🙂

Do one need Visa to enter Qatar to travel to Nairobi, Kenya from India ?

Though Visa is required to enter Qatar, it is now on arrival for Indians. So yes if one wants to travel from India to Kenya then Doha can be a good option.

How many nights layover is required in Qatar to travel to Kenya from India ?

13 nights and 14 days are required to be spent in Qatar to travel to Kenya 🙂

Is there any Quarantine required if am travelling from India to Qatar?

As per the latest guidelines, effective 3rd August people travelling from India along with 6 Asian countries will have to get quarantined for 10 days.

Are there any specific hotels which is to be booked while quarantine ?

Approved Vaccines in Qatar !

Below are the approved vaccines in Qatar

Pfizer / BioNTech (Comirnaty)Sinopharm vaccine
Moderna (Spikefax)
AstraZeneca (Coveshield / Oxford / Vaxepheria)
Jansen / Johnson & Johnson (only one dose)
Approved Vaccines in Qatar

Vaccine Validity

Travellers who are fully vaccinated with the above specified conditionally approved vaccines shall undergo antibody test upon arrival, if the result is positive, they shall be exempt from the quarantine requirements; if the result is negative, the passenger will be required to do a PCR test upon arrival and must undergo quarantine based on the classification of the departure country.

Do i need to Carry return ticket of India to travel to Qatar for Kenya ?

Yes in order to fly from India to Qatar even if you are having an onward Journey to Kenya, you are required to carry a return ticket to India otherwise you won’t be allowed to board the flights.

Are there good flight connections from India to Qatar ?

Although July is very uncertain yes there are good flight connections from India to Qatar.

Are there good flight connections from Qatar to Kenya ?

Well, there is a direct flight from Qatar to Kenya so you want to wait for longs hauls 🙂

What are the travel restrictions to Qatar from India ?

Please visit this link to check travel restrictions to enter Qatar

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