India to Kenya travel Restrictions

India to Kenya travel Restrictions – Kenya is beautiful country in Africa which is also an habitat of many wildlife species . Kenya has a very strong connections with India because of Indian community living there for decades .One can easily find Indian Culture on the streets of Kenya especially Gujarati culture:)

Now due to Covid there are many Indian Kenyans who are stranded in India as Kenya has suspended all the the flights directly from India 🙁

India to Kenya travel Restrictions

Can i fly from India to Kenya in 2021 ?

No ,if you are in India and wants to fly to Kenya then you are restricted to travel.

I am a Kenyan National but stranded in India, can i travel to Kenya in this case ?

As a Kenyan National who is stranded in India you will be allowed to enter Kenya .

Only Kenyans and Indian Nationals who are residents in Kenya are allowed to travel from India to Kenya provided that they possess a covid-19 PCR negative test result conducted within 96 hours before travel and submit to an antigen test on arrival. If antigen test is negative, travellers shall self-quarantine for 14 days at home and if antigen test is positive, travellers shall isolate
while being monitored in a government facility for 14 days at their own cost.

How can i travel to Kenya from India in this travel Ban ?

Yes , you will have to spend 14 nights outside India in a 3rd country to travel to Kenya .

Which country should i choose to travel Kenya to ignore quarantine rule ?

In Any country except below , you can spend 14 nights to ignore Quarantine rule in Kenya –

  • Ireland
  • Brunie
  • Pakistan
  • Kuwait
  • Thailand

List of approved states and territories whose travellers are exempt from quarantine

When we can expect entry restrictions for Indians in Kenya to be uplifted

Everyone is asking for the same but no one really know about it . It is becoming too unpredictable that we would like to skip this question for now

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