How to apply for a glider ride in Hadapsar Pune @187 INR?

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How to apply for a glider ride in Hadapsar Pune? Pune is no doubt the city of dreams. It is beautiful, full of career opportunities, peaceful as well as entertaining. One may get to do unique activities time after time and the list will end. Another exciting activity can be a glide ride and that too the cheapest. Yes, Pune offers the glide rise that costs Rs 187 per person. The question arises, how to apply for it?

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How to Apply for a glide ride in Hadapsar Pune
How to Apply for a glide ride in Hadapsar Pune

How to apply for a glide ride in Hadapsar Pune ?

The most important question that no article answers is how to apply for this world’s cheapest glide ride in Pune :).Well, it cost Rs 187 per ride which is the cheapest around the world, which means there will be a high demand. Believe us, it is not easy to get your glide ride in the Hadapsar glide centre.

Frequently asked questions about Hadapsar glide centre

Where is the address of the Hadapsar glide centre?

The address of Hadapsar glide centre is Saswad Rd, Vetal Nagar, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411028

Is there any online booking for glide ride in Hadapsar glide centre?

No, there is no online booking facility for a glide ride in the Hadapsar glide centre.

Is there any prior certification required for a glider ride in the Hadapsar glide centre?

For a basic glider ride, there is no prior certification required. However one should be 12th pass to be eligible for the glide ride.

Is the Hadapsar glide centre open for the general public?

Yes, the Hadapsar glide centre is open for the general public for a glider ride but only on Sundays. Due to Covid, the centre has temporarily been closed for the general public. However, it is expected to open soon.

What is the timing to get tickets for the gliders to ride at Hadapsar glide centre?

The ticket counter opens around 9 and it is served on a first-come basis.

How can I apply for the gliders course at Hadapsar glide centre?

One will have to visit the centre and check for availability. It totally depends on the decision of the gliding centre officials. They judge the ability and eligibility of the applicant on the basis of a checklist with them.

What is the cost of the gliders course at Hadapsar glide centre?

The cost of the gliders course at Hadapsar glide centre is Rs 187 per ride. It usually takes 200 rides for the course to get completed.

How to apply for a glider ride ?

The coupons are given on a first come first serve basis and that too in the morning on Sunday. The timings are 9 AM to 6 PM. However, it is recommended to be at the counter around 6 AM. The queue starts early in the morning.

Few important check

  • – Availability of pilots
  • – Clearance to fly from ATC IAF Pune
  • – Weather condition
  • -Closed in the peak monsoon
Gliders ticket at Hadapsar glide centre

Few reviews of Applicants about glider ride

Very nice, glad to see you enjoyed it so much. Its quite awesome here in Pune

Gliding is so much fun, just to watch, go along for the ride as a passenger or as a pilot.

I started flying gliders when I was about 18-19 years old and still at naval college (late 70’s). I enjoyed it but I had a pretty serious mishap as well.

On my first solo the towing cable broke a few seconds after I had taken off. On this airfield there was sufficient room to land straight ahead. Which I did, but it was all a bit in a rush. So I came down hard. No damage to the plane, but somehow I managed to severely damage my back. I could not fly for months and by the time my back was fully mended I was about to go to sea on my very first trip as an apprentice engineer.

Fast forward to 2009 and I managed to get my PPL in the USA!

More than motorised flight, gliding is a more social engagement. It requires a lot of people to get one glider in the air. Typically as a glider pilot you would spend the whole day at the airport. Most of the days would be helping others, hauling planes, working the towing rope. Driving back and forth with people, towing rope, moving gliders around. Assisting at the starting line. And you would get to do 3-6 flights yourself, if you’re lucky. Depending on thermals of course, but a lot of glider flights are counted in minutes only. Although they can stay up for hours too, if the weather conditions are rights.

As flying goes, it is one of the least expensive ways!

In a single engine plane as the ones I fly know, you do not need anybody. I can pull it out of the hanger myself, fuel myself, pre-flight myself and just take off. All necessary interaction with others is on the radio. If that, as certainly in the USA there are plenty of fields where you do not need a radio either.


I had done this back in 2019. The charges at the time were also Rs.187/flight. One of the very few things whose price hasn’t increased in the past few years

Another thing that hasn’t changed are the facilities, I distinctly remember being dehydrated in the heat, waiting all day in the sun.


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