What are places to visit near Dead sea (Jordan)

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What are the places to visit near the Dead Sea (Jordan)? Jordan’s Dead Sea is conveniently located near a number of breathtaking locations with significant historical and religious value. A huge amount of the shared history of the human races was born in this region, which is one of the world’s major cradles of civilization and shares a border with Israel along the Dead Sea. What are the best tourist destinations around the Dead Sea? is a question that comes to travelers’ minds. (Jordan)

Some Facts About the Dead Sea

Your daily tidbit of historical information The Dead Sea’s coastline is 1,388 feet (423 meters) below sea level, making it the lowest point on Earth’s surface. This level enables a number of additional Dead Sea marvels, like the sea’s waters maintaining close to 34% salinity and the River Jordan’s dead end into the Dead Sea, where evaporating river water has left behind enormous beds of salt and minerals.

The barometric pressure and high oxygen levels on the sea’s coasts dilute the sun’s damaging rays more than any other location on earth. For those of us with fair skin (like me! ), this means we don’t burn as rapidly when sunbathing on the Dead Sea shoreline!

Travelers from all over the world go to the Dead Sea to cover themselves in the thick, clay-like mud, bake it into their skin in the warm sun, and then wash it off in the mineral-rich salt water.

I had to make do with a modest bob on the water’s surface due to the high salt content because the sun was sinking behind mountains close to Israel. This caused the water’s glossy surface to reflect the sky’s riot of saffron and rose-colored clouds almost exactly.

Places to visit near Dead sea

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

On the morning we travelled the short 15-minute distance from the Dead Sea to Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the location of Christ’s baptism by John the Baptist, the sun was still high in the sky. Archaeologists have just recently discovered this location, and they are now excavating it as well as other surrounding historical ruins.

Standing on the Jordan River’s banks and looking across the water at Israeli pilgrims who are only four or five arm lengths away is one of the experience’s neatest moments. This pilgrimage site is shared by Jordan and Israel, and we were near enough to observe Israeli pilgrims bless themselves with the river’s water while sitting in the Jordanian shade.

Madaba, Mount Nebo

It takes only a short drive from Bethany Beyond the Jordan to reach Madaba and the summit of Mount Nebo, another significant holy landmark and location with sweeping views of the Holy Land. Major historical locations in the area are shown on a map from the vantage point, including the Dead Sea, Israel, Jericho, and Jerusalem (on a clear day).

The country that can be seen from Mount Nebo is where many of the world’s main faiths had their start. Both Islam and religions based on the Bible have their roots here. When you’re close to the Dead Sea, you should definitely do this. I had a blast spending my early hours studying the biblical tales and historical events that give this location its worldwide significance. I’m by no means a pilgrim of any sort, but I find history intriguing, and I think it’s important to learn everything you can.

Travel Planning: Visiting Jordan’s Dead Sea

Which is a better place to stay to visit dead sea ?

Even though many visitors only stay for a day, the area is worth staying for one or two nights to fully experience. For a relaxing weekend, the region is home to a number of exquisite five-star luxury resorts and spas (the Mövenpick is a beautiful choice, and they gave me a complimentary stay to check it out). It was luxurious, with many conveniences for enjoying the sea and private beaches. Budget tourists need not worry, though! The Amman Touristic Beach is about two kilometres from the resort area and is equipped with pools, Dead Sea mud, and changing facilities. Local resorts also provide day passes to enjoy the amenities. You may stay anywhere nearby and yet have access to the Dead Sea’s beauty and history because the above holy sites are all within a 20-minute drive of it.

Recommended Hotels to stay near dead

  • For those with a generous budget, the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea is one of the area’s greatest resorts, offering first-rate amenities and stunning proximity to the Dead Sea. Additionally, I believe that the breakfast buffets at Kempinski hotels are among the best in the world!
  • I stayed at the Mövenpick Resort and Spa, which has a moderate price range. This is a wonderful choice for individuals searching for a day-pass as well, because everything was nice and immaculate.
  • Ramada Resort is the most reasonably priced resort in the region that has private access to the Dead Sea. It is wonderful and well worth a visit for people who require a little more budget accommodation but still want great facilities.

What is the Best Time to Visit the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is wonderful for the majority of the year, but late fall and late spring are the best times to visit Jordan for weather (and peak tourist season). In particular, on weekends, public locations might get rather busy! You can even walk outside in the full noon heat and splash around a little since the low sun’s rays are blocked by the time they reach you on the coastline (but, of course, still take sunscreen!).

How to Get to the Dead Sea?

This is definitely a day trip from Amman and is located a 45-minute drive away. You can choose a taxi for 20 to 35 JD (booking through your hotel will cost more, finding and haggling one yourself will cost less), or a JETT tourist service bus, which departs from the 7th Circle bus station directly to the beach (7 JD). It is advisable to take the tourist bus because the public one going from Mujaharin would only save you a few JD in total because you will need to hire a cab from where it drops you off to the beach. Jordan is a small country, so think about getting a rental car to better explore!

What is Salt-Rocky Shoreline?

You’ll need a car to discover the best locations because the big resorts and public beaches do not offer the classic vistas of the saltwater shoreline. The Dead Sea shore is gradually retreating, so the greatest places to see the salt rocks and salt-crystal buildings might vary from year to year, although the overall amount of shoreline providing spectacular views is generally the same. It is located south of the beaches popular with tourists, close to Wadi al-Mujib National Park.

Cost Breakdown

For example, the Amman Public Beach is accessible for 20 JD; alternatively, you might want to think about purchasing a day pass to one of the surrounding resorts; depending on the day of the week or weekend, you may spend twice to treble the cost range, but it might be much less crowded. However, The Public Beach is truly a public resort, making it lovely and deserving of your visit. If you’re truly on a tight budget, there are additional, less well-kept beaches that you can reach on foot from the public beach. The costs for visiting the most popular attractions are those for Bethany Beyond the Jordan and Mount Nebo (1 JD) and Mount Nebo (12 JD). The saline shorelines are free to visit if you have a rental car!

Safety Tips

You can travel here securely, and Jordan has a very distinct atmosphere from other destinations in the area. The primary issue in the Dead Sea is making sure you leave the public beaches before it becomes dark.

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